About- Bio



Jeff Stapleton
MSc. Exercise Physiology
Nationally Certified Level III Coach
President – Team Over The Top

  • Designer of the Squat/Scoot method of mid-foot running
  • Minimalist Running workshop/seminar leader
  • Design race-specific running programmes for multiple age groups (8 – 60+)
  • 10 years’ personal experience running barefoot and in minimalist footwear
  • 35+ years’ experience competing in elite-level athletics, studying & teaching sports specific conditioning
  • Many of my clients have qualified for the Boston Marathon and other high profile events
  • Fitness coach for Canadian Davis Cup and Junior National tennis teams
  • Fitness coach for ATP Tennis pros, Bobby Hull, numerous elite level sports teams & individuals
  • Authored 2 fitness booklets published by Tennis Canada
  • Developed and demonstrated a sports specific training/injury rehab video produced by SPORTECTION Inc.
  • Honours degree Physical Education from McMaster U.
  • Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from University of Western Ontario
  • Member of the Advisory board at Barefoot-Science Inc.





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