Coaching and Testimonials specializes in forming proper run technique, strengthening running-specific muscles, increasing speed and distance, and safely incorporating the transition to a more efficient, barefoot running style.

Proper Running Technique
Strengthen Specific Running Related Muscles
Safely Increase Speed and Distance
Transition to a more efficient, barefoot running style
Squat/Scoot Method
Connected Running
Low, Forward, Quiet motion


“My husband and I have been training with Jeff for 6 years. Over the course of these years, we have completed many running races varying in distance from 10km to 42.2km. Jeff’s unique style and personality make every training run a lively and entertaining experience!
Although at times there has been over 20 people in our running group, Jeff always dedicates time to each individual person and has the ability to make everyone feel like they have their own personal coach. After completing my first marathon in 2005, I set my sights on qualifying for the Boston Marathon- 5 years and 8 attempts later, I finally accomplished this goal at the Mississauga Marathon in May of 2010.
I could never have reached this goal without Jeff’s support- he encouraged and challenged me when I needed it most and I will be forever grateful for his unwavering belief in me. I will continue to train with Jeff through the fall and winter months as I prepare for Boston 2011.”

Alicia Matthews-Kent


“I started training with Jeff Stapleton when I was 35 years old (I am now 37) as I wanted to run ‘Around the Bay’ and wanted some guidance. I had run competitively (at provincial and national meets) in shorter distances up until the age of about 25 and thus had a background in running and training under the guidance of many other coaches.
Jeff is one of a very few coaches who has really inspired and instilled confidence in me to run well. My goal was to run 2:30 at this 30km race. I ended up running 2:15:11 after training with him for 2 months!
This finishing time was equivalent, if not better to any results I had when I was running competitively 10 years prior to this race. Jeff’s running knowledge, positive energy, and dedication to his athletes make him an amazing coach. I would recommend him as a coach without any hesitation to both new and experienced runners of any ability level.

I am a full believer in Jeff’s ability to coach runners!”




Coach Jeff Stapleton has been doing “dry-land” training with the hockey team once per week since September 2010. The team placed 3rd in the GHTL and rank 6th in Ontario. They won the Ontario Silver Stick and made the Quarter Finals of the North American S/S Tournament in Michigan where they were the only Canadian team to pass the first round. They were only eliminated in the Semi-Finals (losing 3 games -2), capping a fantastic season.

They made great progress in overall fitness following Jeff’s program, avoiding soft tissue injuries.

Jeff has been invited back to train with the team for the 2011-2012 season.


Thanks Jeff, I have been on a personal high for the past two days. I am very proud of the run and I hope that I can maintain this momentum. You’re a great coach and motivator.