#CampbellClanOpen2017 – The Youngsters Taking the Lead:

Blog #3 of the 2017 Campbell Clan Open series features the under 10 age group of our family asserting their ‘authority’. You will notice that our family’s tradition of gathering on the shores of Inverhuron Beach (Lake Huron) is most certainly in good hands.Of course, all of them have been introduced to my barefoot way of moving on any surface at the cottage. The even better news is all the parents are on board in supporting their children re: going barefoot. When you see them move freely, efficiently, confidently…and WITHOUT PAIN…on the gravel roads, grassy fields, sandy beaches and rugged trails, it simply reinforces evrything I preach about the importance of running barefoot!

On Day 2 of the weekend (Sunday morning) the old coach was put through the paces by his 3 year old grandniece, Esme. It started with a demonstration of a yoga move called the BOAT and carried over to coaching the coach in how to do it. Needless to say, this did NOT go well! Esme tried her best to get me in the BOAT pose…it simply was NOT going to happen. It did make for a few laughs from the family viewing gallery!

Next up was the STORK pose (as I call it!) that went a tad better BUT still not good enough for coach Esme. She WAS encouraging in her support – thank God I do not have to train under her daily! It would be WAY too difficult.Making our way to the rocky shoreline, Esme got me balancing on 1 leg on a flat, angled stone ramp whilst SHE balanced perfectly on 1 of the many boulders (she’s a natural show-off…just kidding!).She then announced “follow me, Uncle Jeff, OVER the boulders. It’s LOTS of fun!” Oh, yeah? Maybe at age 3 BUT NOT at age 64! I will say the old coach survived the obstacle course without much trouble.Of course, Esme then had to show me her running technique OVER the boulders along with the sun salutation with her mom, Sarah, as dusk settled in. I absolutely LOVE the shots of the 2 of them in full-on pose mode.

To finish off a glorious day, Esme and her 3 year old cousin (and good buddy!), Bennett sat peacefully on the shore throwing stones into the calming Lake Huron waters. How much better can it get for a pair of 3 year olds???This was followed by one of our guests (Chris Johnston) from Vancouver, B.C. (yes, we WILL allow the odd outsider into our Campbell compound!!!) holding a sun set worshiping pose on the ledge in front of our cottages. It looks almost surreal – just as the sun sets perfectly yet again.It also happened to be a night where the moon came out early, giving us the unique feature of sun setting whilst moon rises. I can count on one hand the number of times this has happened on my watch. Again, it reinforces the special atmosphere that is Inverhuron Beach.It was a perfect end to my stay at the cottage. For those of you fortunate enough to have a large, close-knit family PLUS access to a paradise like Inverhuron Beach, PLEASE take full advantage of it. AND whatever you do, keep it BAREFOOT!!!

coach Jeff


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