#Grounding to Mother Earth with #RainbowRhythmKids and Young Esme:

http://www.rainbowrhythmkids.com is my niece, Sarah Rainbowheart Hawthorn’s website that introduces you to her business as an ‘earth connector’ for young children. If you click onto it, you will see how her programmmes transform kids into active, vibrant, earth-grounded dynamos. They develop a better awareness of their bodies in space by interacting with each other and Mother Earth in positive, productive ways.

Part of her programme operates out of the Toronto Forest School where kids in the various programmes get to walk, run, jump and free play BAREFOOT on various natural surfaces (sand, pebbles, river rock, mud, foliage and a myriad of other naturally occurring materials).  The mission statement is:

“Through song, story, movement, yoga and play, our nature-based music & movement programme builds a relationship between children and Mother Earth”

Parents comment that the difference in their children who participate in the programme is dramatic – from sleeping better to concentrating better in school to being calmer and more engaged with friends, family and school mates.

Of course, the best example the old coach knows of a youngster who is FULLY GROUNDED with Mother Earth those who follow my blog know only too well…my grandniece and Sarah’s daughter, young Esme (now a robust age 3). As you may remember from a few of the photos below, Esme eschewed crawling and started doing planks at 3 monthsand reverse pull-ups on chair legs,was an official Team Over The Top member at 5 months walking unaided at 7 months, running in the sand at 18 monthsas well as bobbing in the ocean with NO apprehensionand climbing up boulders barefoot at 27 months.

Most recently, Esme, at age 3 years has been jumping, bouncing and twisting barefoot freely, easily and with unbridled joy on a trampouline and, most impressively, walking along a log (again BAREFOOT) 3 metres above a rock bed for 15 metres…showing perfect balance and NO fear (which is merely False Evidence/Expectations Appearing Real).

As you can read above, Esme’s parents were confident in Esme’s abilty to accomplish the above feat (no pun intended!). Esme has been barefoot for most of her young life and is TRULY grounded with Mother Earth. She seldomly gets sick – not even the common cold -, has never injured herself at play with Mother Earth, has perfect balance on each leg, is symmetrical and squared up for perfect, safe running and has a naturally developed total body strength. Quite incredible, actually…and it all starts with her parents keeping her barefoot and GROUNDED with the Earth. Finally, she simply does NOT let FEAR paralyze her from being active and vibrant – something EVERY child can experience!

I absolutely LOVE what Sarah & Cheryl (Esme’s parents) are doing to allow Esme to flourish. Beyond that, I LOVE what the 2 of them are doing to bring more kids into the positive energy world of Mother Earth. Never give up on this, gals!!!

For those of you not familiar with the term ‘grounded’, it simply means “connected to the Earth”. The Earth’s surface holds subtle healh-boosting energy. All of us can access it for our own betterment by:

  • simply getting outdoors at every opportunity
  • going barefoot on trails, over river rock, grass, sand and snow
  • feeling your feet anchoring into the bedrock of the Earth and the peace and calmness that accompany this
  • being aware of your body and visualize becoming a tree (feeling your feet ‘root’ into the Earth)

As all of you know, I am pasionate about getting ALL of our kids moving barefoot at every opportunity AND getting them moving safely and efficiently. Get them the HELL away from all devices for the majority of each day. Let them ‘free play’ at every opportunity – even if this means (heaven forbid) that you HAVE TO PLAY WITH THEM! Let them go beyond their comfort zone in all aspects of life BUT knowing that the risk of harm is minimal. Finally, let them get grounded with Mother Earth at every turn – NO EXCEPTIONS.

By doing this, we will have fewer kids suffering from:

  1. depression
  2. anxiety
  3. obesity
  4. avoidable physical activity injuries
  5. learning challenges
  6. behavioral issues

What is holding you back? Get your kids ‘out there’…oh, and get YOURSELF the HELL out there at the same time!!

a frustrated coach Jeff signing off!!!!




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