#ScottGrisewood#RMT Works His Magic With #Optogate and #BrainHQ:

Scott Grisewood, one of the world’s leading Shockwave Therapy practitioners, is now  a fully certified tester and trainer in Optogate gait analysis (http://www.optogate.com/Applications/Top-Athletes), balance and alignment analysis and Brain HQ (Witty SEMS Cognitive process – http://www.utube.com/watch?v=V5yLWsixdJ8) awareness analysis – the package developed by Dr. Peter Gorman of New York, U.S.A. Scott would become one of only 8 certified Gorman instructors in the world. These skills along with the total integration of Barefoot Science foot strengthening inserts (that eliminate athletes’ proprioceptive and balance deficits which Dr. Gorman refers to as being ‘D.R.U.N.K.’ – http://barefoot-science.com/4yourgait/) is changing the way athletes, teams and individuals train, compete and exercise.

It was under these circumstances that one of my running clients, Rick McElroy, and I ventured to Barrie, Ontario, Canada to have Scott conduct the full range of tests and treatment on Rick. Rick has recently shifted from a squash player to a triathlete. Being a non-runner, it has been a challenging transition. He came to me presenting numerous imbalances and asymmetries that had contributed to his chronic calf and shoulder pain. Scott’s and my goals were to not only treat Rick’s chronic calf injuries and shoulder pain but also find weaknesses in his gait and balance that we can correct with specific drills – thus allowing him to train and compete injury-free.

The layout in Scott’s clinic is basic yet efficient. The series of photos below show the Witty Brain HQ testing box followed by the gait analysis treadmill and computer system that monitors results and provides right-left comparisons for purposes of specific training drills to correct weaknesses,

the Power slant board to test foot strength and balance and the computer feedback programme for instant gait analysis. Scott proceeded to take Rick through the Optogate gait analysis whilst walking on a treadmill and then the Optogate 1-legged jumping into the square and up and down in the square. This shows any imbalance from right to left side. Rick actually showed numbers that were within the allowable for symmetrical balance. Then Scott tested Rick’s ability to balance on 1 leg with his eyes closed – a good indicator of one’s ability to remain centered and injury-free during activity. Again, Rick performed well, holding steady for 30 seconds on each leg.Stepping up and down on the spot and doing a forward-facing wall squat brought forth a slight lack of awareness of body positioning in space (which can lead to off-balanced foot impact and injury) and below average core strength. These thus become key areas for Rick to work on when training.Using the Power slant board, Scott then time-tested Rick in plantar and dorsi flexion along with pronation and supination. He could only hold position for more than 5 seconds in dorsi flexion. He failed miserably in all other positions. This means that the calf pain Rick experiences is tied into his inability to move safely in 3 of the 4 main foot planes. Again, he will fit in drills to improve this moving forward.Then it was on to the Brain HQ – Witty SEMS cognitive reaction time training. This tests Rick’s ability to process 1 to 3 actions in sequence. The test gets progressively more difficult to see how fast your brain can process information in the visual field. The better you score, the better you will be at recovering from an improper impact, picking up objects such as a baseball thrown for you to hit and shifting directions to avoid being hit.Scott finished the session by working on Rick’s body symmetry (he was slightly off on the right with his right leg showing up shorter), cramping calves and torn up shoulders. This is where the shockwave therapy magic of the master – Scott Grisewood – was in full-on mode. Note how Scott works the shoulders to release the tight areas.

He then went to work on the gluteals, lower back and  inguinal ligaments to release the locked up areas of Rick’s body.He finished by unlocking Rick’s feet where the range of motion was severely restricted. It was amazing at how fast Scott was able to alleviate Rick’s pain and get him loose. You can observe how Scott manipulates the feet and his ‘magic wand’ to be of the most benefit in the least amount of time. After only 15 minutes of treatment, Rick was fully symmetrical and noticed relief in his calves and shoulders.

The combination of Scott performing Shockwave Therapy AND implementing the full Dr. Gorman system is going to revolutionize how we in Canada test, train and rehabilitate athletes and all people, for that matter.

Stay tuned for more on the future of injury-free, brain enhanced activity in all aspects of life!!

coach Jeff


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