Explaining #CoachJeff’s Thriving into a 7th Decade #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot:

As I approach my 64th birthday and this being the Holy Triduum of Christianity, it behooves me to reflect on not simply surviving but thriving physically and mentally. I choose to blog about this not to blow my own horn but to highlight how certain factors contrive in one’s life to allow for quality over quantity (and , in cases like mine, quality AND quantity). I think of my lot in life often and find myself reflecting on WHY I have been blessed with, basically, perfect health when so many others have not been so blessed.

I also felt that now would be a perfect time to self-analyze and critique the process that created ME – this being a time of year when Christians reflect on the Last Supper, crucifixtion and resurrection. The keys, I believe, begin with:

  • my faith in God and the power of life after death. This grounds me, keeps me sane and more ‘of the present’
  • my genetic inheritance – a blessing that has NOTHING to do with what I do or do NOT do day to day. On my father’s side of the family, MANY have lived – and lived well – beyond 100 years. They simply had a fantastic combination of healthy chromosomes that allowed them to avoid fatal or debilitating diseases. I have been blessed to inherit like genes & chromosome combinations
  • my lifelong commitment to physical fitness – the FULL spectrum of which includes aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) development, agility, balance, power, speed, speed endurance, extensor chain activation and flexibility. This is a DAILY focus that I regularly vary to keep the blood flowing and my body ‘on fire’
  •  my understanding of the importance of running barefoot to avoid needless injury AND to extract natural healing energy from Mother Earth. Since going full-on barefoot, I have NOT suffered an ‘avoidable itis’ running injury
  • my understanding and acceptance of the healing power of water (specifically, lakes and oceans) that take away ANY and ALL aches and pains from day-to-day living. I make a point of getting into natural water EVERY DAY in some way, shape or form – even in the midst of our Canadian winters
  • exposing my bare feet to the extreme conditions of snow, ice and below zero temperatures as often as possible (within the ‘non-frostbite’ zone!). This, at least for me, keeps any kind of illness ‘bug’ at bay, stimulates blood flow through my whole body to keep toxins flushed out and activates all of my sensory neurons to be on high alert to the ‘pitfalls’ of day-to-day livingDo I wish upon ALL of you the blessing that have been bestowed upon me? Hell, ya! Do I believe that this is humanly possible? Hell, no! Having said that, at least take the time to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset or BOTH whenever you feel the need for an energy boost. This all of us can experience – even if it will NOT guarantee a long, healthy, impactful life!

coach Jeff


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