Perfecting the #SquatScoot to ensure #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot:

Having completed the first five weeks of my Team Over The Top Around The Bay running clinic, it dawned on me that I MUST highlight the key features of my Squat-Scoot method of safe, efficient, powerful running once again. Why do I feel this is necessary? Well, I have been noticing the on-going trend of runners who literally BEAT THE HELL out of running surfaces – to the detriment of their bodies. Locked knees, pronated or ultra-supinated feet, heel pounding, ear-shattering noise…you get the picture. If not, observe below!DaughteramandacollisccrunningAs many of you already know, the foundations of my Squat-Scoot running technique are:

  • keeping the body TIGHT
  • landing the body LIGHT
  • keeping the body COMPACT
  • moving the body FORWARDIMG_08067Why do I stress the need to run like this when almost everyone else just ‘goes out and runs’? For starters, I KNOW that if you give into the downward pull of gravity when you are running, BAD things happen to the body. The incessant jarring upon impact through all of the major joints (ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders) leads to what I call a plethora of running-related ‘itis’ (inflammation) injuries. These in turn needlessly stop so many ‘runners’ from NOT being able to RUN.  The noise from the impact also gives me a headache – if I happen to be anywhere near the stampede of herding ‘elephants’!

Further, when you run without bracing the body against the downward pull of gravity, you inevitably have too many ‘loose’ body parts moving in all directions. This creates asymmetry, imbalance and unnecessary physical stress on major tendons and ligaments. The end result is PAIN that lingers when all you want to do is RUN injury-free.

I train ALL of my runners how to brace the body from the chest to the feet throughout the running motion. They learn to do this until they can hold the bracing position without thinking about doing so AND, ultimately, over greater and greater distances.img_1899It then becomes imperative to land on the mid-foot (this ensures a quick, light, forward motion with little to NO downward pounding and loss of energy into the ground).barefoot forward6Jeff-mm-2014My lock-in drills further reinforce my Squat-Scoot technique by helping my runners strengthen all of the key running muscles along with the support muscles that make the difference between running injury-free and getting injured running! Some of these are featured below.2014-02-06 19.13.27runbosuphotoimg_1660The end result is a powerful, light, forward running action that NEVER results in a needless running injury. When you have a group of my TOTT runners run by you, there will be NO sound…only the efficient propulsion of running machines skimming along – safely!!img_2082Don’t take my word for the power of my Squat-Scoot method of running. Reach out to the hundreds that I have trained who continue to run safely, efficiently and powerfully!runningform

coach Jeff



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