#CoachJeff Presents #InjuryFreeRunning#Barefoot to #SheridanCollege #AthleticTherapy Students:

I met Amanda Halls ( Clinic Director of the Athletic Therapy Department in the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies at Sheridan College – Brampton campus – in Ontario, Canada) at a Wellness Symposium where I was one of the featured speakers in November, 2016). Amanda sat in on my presentation and requested that I do a similar presentation to her 4th year Athletic Therapy students. I agreed to do so and was invited to speak on Friday, January 27, 2017. The main focus of my presentation was my Squat-Scoot technique of safe, efficient, powerful mid-foot (and barefoot!) running.on concreteI used one of the students as my test subject and proceeded to show the rest of the class how to assess body symmetry where, as you can see, the left leg presented shorter than the right.img_1397My exercises to unlock the body (thus improving balance and posture) came next. These included the side to side bent knee swing,Unlocking hips - Mikethe knee cross-over push and pull on both sides,Unlocking hips - Sarah 2the side straight leg swing to the opposite arm,Mark low leg swingthe Ski-X Functional Chain trainer cord drill to activate the extensor chain,Anchor-Height-e1424988368384the hip can opener drill to unlock the pelvic area of the left side and, finally,img_1554the Health Bridges system to release locked up tendons, ligaments and muscles along the spinal column (critical for balancing the body for safe running).HB 1 - SarahThen, it was time to check the body symmetry. As you see below, the legs are now perfectly even, indicating that the left side is totally unlocked and ready for balanced, safe running.img_1399From there, I guided the students through my Squat-Scoot technique of running. My message was by doing proper assessments of patients who come to them as athletic therapists, the goal is to FIX THEM! They saw that by creating a balanced body from the outset, virtually any athletic-type injury can be fixed rather quickly. 7After perfecting the barefoot action of safe running, I introduced the barefoot-science inserts to activate the feet and, in turn stimulate muscular firing through the whole body. The students were amazed by the feeling of the inserts and the positive difference it made in their running action within the ‘coffins’ (running shoes).10My goal in doing the presentation was to provide tools for the students to better assess their clients, treat their injuries and FIX THEM so that they can get back to injury-free activity. Based on the feedback I received, it was mission accomplished.

You can also incorporate most of what I have presented above into your daily routine to ensure safe, efficient running as it applies to any of your physical activity pursuits!

coach Jeff


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