#Sockwas + #Barefoot-Science to the Winter Rescue of #CoachJeff:

Before I begin the official 1st blog post for the old coach in what I will call 2017 (even though this is December 31, 2016!), I wish all of you a VERY Happy New Year! My weekly blog posts should commence by the week of January 8 or 15, 2017…so beware!!

My focus now will be on the unique combination of Sockwa X8s and Barefoot-Sciencesockwa-g3img_176210 inserts as by far the best brutal winter weather alternative to running barefoot. As you know, I prefer to run barefoot no matter what the conditions. However, I must admit to more than my fair share of SEVERE frostbite on the BOTTOM of most of my toes (8 out of 10, to be exact!). On the other hand, I somehow bounce back every time to run barefoot again in most winter-type conditions. I simply must be smarter about doing so – meaning better prepared for the varied wintry conditions.feetsnow1I remind you that the reason for doing so is – INJURY FREE RUNNING – every time out no matter what the conditions. Running barefoot allows your feet to react precisely to changes in terrain and temperature, thus ensuring that you land squared up, balanced and light with every stride. This in turn ensures that you do NOT put undue negative stress on ligaments, tendons and bones throughout the body.

When it simply gets too damn cold, icy, salty or a combination of all three, I openly admit to bailing out. My consistent go-to alternative is the full length barefoot-science inserts and the Sockwa X8s (see photos above). The inserts with the domed technology that stimulate the neuromuscular activation process from the arches of the feet through the whole body are the ONLY technology that I have found that closely simulate running full-on barefoot. Placed inside the Sockwa X8s, they become a close-to-perfect alternative to running barefoot in the most severe winter weather.IMG_1158sockwa1IMG_1157Founder, creator and President of Sockwa, my friend, David Zasloff of Huntington Beach, California, USA, has developed footwear that is the most responsive to Mother Earth that I have found on the market. He has pursued perfection of barefoot running simulation with a determined doggedness. For 2017, he has a number of innovations in the works for Sockwa that I am certain will take the company to new heights. Look for them!!!

In the meantime, I continue to push the limits of winter barefoot running BUT with a tad more intelligence…if you can believe THAT!barefootsnow2img_1899JeffSnow2If you are serious running barefoot to ensure safe, efficient, injury-free running, then do as I say above and NOT as I do (which often results in severe FROSTBITE!!). Include the Sockwa X8s with the barefoot-science inserts and you will NEVER look another ‘coffin’ (standard runningshoe) in the eye again!!

Once again, Happy New Year to all…and stay safe, injury-free and barefoot!!!

coach Jeff


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