#Barefoot-Science Makes Inroads at #Seniors’HeathFair #Mississauga:

On Thursday, November 10, 2016, Team Barefoot-Science (consisting of President and sole owner, Lance Todd and yours truly, the old coach) set up a booth at the Seniors’ Health Fair in the Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) Seniors Centre.img_1764We set up to introduce the attending seniors to Barefoot-Science and the power of foot strengthening for improved posture, balance, blood circulation from the legs and feet and muscle activation up the body’s whole chain. Our booth was basic yet effective at attracting immediate attention that did not subside until the end of the show.img_1768We displayed a range of the products from the full length 7-step Therapeutic model to the 3/4 length 6 step Active system. All of the products have the same thing in common – foot strengthening from the arch or power source of the body.img_1762Focusing on the proprioceptive stimulation from the feet through the rest of the body’s muscular chain resonated well with attendees. Lance was kept busy explaining the process and outfitting many with the inserts to ‘test drive’.img_1765img_1774We were well-received by the organizer of the shoe – Sarah Stinson – who also graciously thanked all who attended along with presenters and staff. The show itself had displays from retirement homes, ski pole walking clubs, insurance companies, medic alarm companies and many others. There were over 500 seniorsimg_1770 who attended the event, making it a major success.img_1769Lance continued to work his magic throughout the day – patiently explaining the power of the patented dome system that is the crux of the Barefoot-Science technology. The improved blood flow from the feet through the heart and lung system was most attractive to those who stopped at our booth. It, of course, makes perfect sense, considering circulation problems affect most seniors as they age.img_1761img_1771img_1777img_1776As you can see from the above photos, the attendees were all ears when it came to understanding the effectiveness f the Barefoot-Science system at making their lives more enjoyable on many levels. We even had a woman with Multiple Sclerosis who was mainly confined to her walker put in the system. She immediately noticed activation up through her arches, stood up, walked the perimeter of the show and came back a few minutes later thanking me profusely. She said “for the first time in years, I feel muscles firing throughout my body and more balanced. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”.

As Lance and I always say, “our purpose is to FIX people from the feet up. We do not particularly care about anything else”. Barefoot-Science inserts allow us to do this for people from all walks of life – many of whom have given up on living pain-free. In the ORTHOTICS world, this simply does NOT happen. The casing, bracing and supporting of the feet via ORTHOTICS is the diametric opposite of what you NEED to have happening with your feet. Our inserts immediately go to work activating the nerves and, thus, the muscles, tendons and ligaments from the feet up the whole body muscle chain. This in turn results in less pain, inflammation and edema in the legs and feet.

Thus, what the hell are you waiting for??!! If you are not using the Barefoot-Science inserts currently, order a set (or 2 or 3) NOW and do yourself a huge favour!!


One thought on “#Barefoot-Science Makes Inroads at #Seniors’HeathFair #Mississauga:

  1. Is there anywhere near Peterborough that carries these? I would like more info: how do you decide which one to get, size etc.Thank you…

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