#Barefoot-ScienceInserts to the Rescue #Injury-freeRunning #Barefoot:

A number of years ago, I was introduced to the Baref00t-Science foot strengthening system when the President of the company (Lance Todd) approached me at one of my barefoot running clinics. bareffotsci3Being a full-on barefoot runner and barefoot running coach, I saw no need for any type of insert. What the hell would I use them in? If nothing else, Lance was persistent in requesting that I try the system. After about 6 months, I finally said to him “give me 2 sets for my clients who are having injury issues with their feet and knees”. He supplied me with the units and i outfitted my clients. Within 1 week, they reported no pain (one was a runner and one was a soccer player) in their feet nor knees. I was still somewhat skeptical and decided to wait for a few weeks before passing judgment. Lance kept telling me that the progressive nature of the patented dome system actually improved the proprioceptive activation from the feet through the rest of the body. This, in turn, helped with synergistic muscle activation that leads to improved balance and body symmetry – 2 key components to injury-free running. bareffotsci3Thus began a 7 year association with Barefoot-Science that continues to this day. The number of success stories is now in the 100s for my clients and contacts. In everything from racing flats to ice hockey skates,20150217_103039 2 the inserts are FIXING my clients’ injury issues without exception.10Even in the Olympic weightlifting realm (see shot of Olympic lifter, Jillian Halligan, below), the inserts have become a necessary component to ensure injury-free lifting with a significant improvement in power, gluteal activation and balance. Jillian not only uses them in her lifting shoes, she also outfits most of her clients in them – with resounding success.jillian2The owners of CrossFit M3 in Port Credit, Canada (Marg & Matt) both converted to using the inserts after an introduction by me. Suffering from numerous joint, muscle, ligament and tendon injuries that had NOT been fixed with orthotics nor various treatments, they both experienced NO pain after only a days with the Barefoot-Science inserts. They now have a number of their CrossFit clients using the inserts with similar results – an elimination of nagging soft tissue injuries (plantar fasciitis, IT-Band irritation, piriformis inflammation, Achilles tendonitis) with days to weeks.

I have outfitted seniors who could not walk without hunching over in pain almost instantly walk upright with NO pain.Maria 7 I have outfitted children from ages 5 to 19 who were put in orthotics at significant expense and NO success healing their injuries nor imbalances and watched them get back to all types of activity with NO pain after no more than 2 to 4 weeks.M3 Crossfit951

Runners, cyclists and people of all types and ages benefit positively from the Barefoot-Science inserts…to the point where they SHOULD be used by ANYONE with injury issues stemming from weak, unbalanced feet.11feetsweatglands

I personally put the 3/4 length inserts in my Sockwas and Vibram FiveFingers when I MUST put something on my feet.sockwa-g3Vibram-Lontra-profile It’s the only way I can even remotely mimic being barefoot without actually BEING barefoot. If that isn’t enough to get you into the Barefoot-Science inserts, then NOTHING will get you there – and that’s YOUR loss!

Forget bracing, supporting and ‘casting’ the feet. Wake the hell up and STRENGTHEN your feet – the Barefoot-Science way!

coach Jeff



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