New #T-TeamCircuit Locks In #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot:

As those of you who read my blog regularly will know, the T-Team that I developed decades ago and still offer in 10 week blocks of 1 x 30 minute classes per week is a difference-maker. I mean this in the truest sense of overall, time-efficient physical fitness development. You will also note that all members are barefoot – they NEVER wear any form of footwear in T-Team. The foot activation process is so powerful that they can’t imagine doing the circuit shod. Also, NONE of my T-Team clients get injured during the programme – they are so well activated and balanced that injuries are a non-issue.

My new 10 week session just started and I wanted to share a few shots of my clients going through the new circuit. As you will notice, it contains practical total body movements that challenge each and every member to bring total focus and perfect practice to the table, so to speak!

The side to side forward stride drill activates the whole body from the feet up and gets the aerobic system in gear.img_1437The wall ball roll from a full bridge position brings in the whole core along with further activation from the feet up. As most of you know, the Health Brides station unlocks the whole back along both sides of the spinal column – thus instantly improving posture and activating the extensor chain. The abdominal step hop up & down further stimulates the aerobic system whilst improving total body explosive power.img_1441Along with the forward ladder run and step over hurdles, the T-Teamers improve agility, footwork and balance along with quickness. The overhead shoulder press done seated on the Stability Ball with the bar or dumbbells pressed BEHIND the head and neck becomes an extensor chain exercise that develops strength endurance and fatigue tolerance in this key area of the body.img_1438The Clean action of the Clean and Jerk challenges the T-Teamers to develop strength endurance and explosive power through most of the body. The key is NOT using the arm muscles to move the bar up and down. It is a difficult move at first BUT critically important to overall physical fitness.img_1450The Functional Chain Trainer cord station is a mainstay (along with the Health Bridges station) due to its ability to unlock the whole body, create better body symmetry and cross up the Autonomic Nervous System. img_1442When you add in the Mountain Climber with the feet on Sliders and the arms on a Stability Ball, you develop the core, legs, feet and flexor upper body chain all in one. Technique must be PERFECT to maximize the results (see above and below).img_1444You can see in the following photo how multiple components of physical fitness development are brought into the V-sit feet on Bosu Ball weighted ball side to side twist. If it sounds complicated, well, that’s because it IS complicated. I purposely position this between the kneeling extensor cord flye and the forward side to side lunge to bring the abdominal obliques more specifically into play without fatiguing the legs nor extensor chain upper body areas.img_1446After 30 minutes of the circuit, ALL T-Teamers are activated and ready to take on their respective busy days. Even though 6:00 a.m. on a Friday is a ‘get-out-of-bed’ challenge, there is NOT one regret from any of the team. They realize the overall benefits are the best bang for their buck in the rather crowded, complicated world of physical fitness training.

With any luck, YOU have access to a programme that delivers the quality results of the old coach’s T-Team!!


coach Jeff



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