#CoachJeff’s #SquatScoot Mastered #InjuryFreeRunning#Barefoot:

Over many years of running barefoot and coaching my clients how to run barefoot, one thing has been consistently clear. If you do NOT keep yourself tight, light, compact and forward at ALL times when running, you WILL develop an avoidable ‘itis-type’ running injury. Most likely, you will be sidelined for a significant time – the bane of virtually ALL runners is down time from injury.

Beyond this, learning my Squat-Scoot technique of quiet, efficient, safe, mid-foot running has saved me and ALL of my clients from needless running injuries and kept us running and competing hard.run barefootBy bracing the whole core from mid-chest to mid thighs, you automatically keep the body centered and moving forward. This allows for a quick flicking motion from the heels that transfers into a slightly elevated knee lift and paw-back action of the feet.cropped-barefoot-running-e14670829266402.jpegBarefoot 23The length of time to master my squat-scoot technique varies from client to client. One thing is consistent, though…ALL of them must constantly work on the nuances during every run AND every off-road exercise session. In other words, the technique WILL become an Autonomic Nervous System (automatic) action versus a Central Nervous System (thinking) action. When it does, you move with NO pressure on your joints and NO irritation of tendons and ligaments. As a matter of fact, you often finish a run and do NOT even feel as if you have been running. You even have difficulty remembering the route. I call this being in the zone!!7Poetry in MotionIf you are serious about running injury-free AND well, commit to running in the Squat-Scoot method – whether BAREFOOT (obviously, the BEST way to run) or shod (in coffins or minimalist footwear of some sort). I guarantee you will never get an ‘itis’ injury – and you can take THAT to the bank!!!

coach Jeff


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