My Grandniece #Esme Freelancing #Barefoot!:

It has been more than a few months since my last update on grandniece Esme – now a rather ‘advanced’ 28 months old! I wanted to feature a video clip of her forwarded to me by my sister of Esme ‘freelancing’ barefoot on a stone patio last week.

If you notice, she spins and twirls repeatedly to the right, left, forward and backward in perfect balance. Her feet hit the stone lightly (there is NO hesitation in take-off and no jarring on impact). The knees are bent slightly throughout, allowing Esme to land safely and take off powerfully with no pauses.

The other thing to notice is her utter joy of movement – her radiant smile and full-on laughter  is a pleasure to behold. She is fully activated from her feet up which allows her to react quickly without tripping or falling. This is no easy task for a mature adult let alone a 28 month old! She quite simply is having a blast doing what comes naturally for a youngster who has been barefoot for 85% of her young life.

It is no coincidence that Esme is the healthiest, happiest and most physically gifted child in her ‘hood. By doing almost everything barefoot day in and day out, she develops a better immune system to bacterial infections and avoidable illnesses, she never complains of soreness in her knees, hips, feet nor back as do so many of her colleagues who wear ‘coffins’ constantly and she can do physical movements on the jungle gym, step railings etc. that are way beyond her years.

I look forward to Esme’s continued progress as a healthy, happy, full-on barefooter. Take note, parents – your children can easily join her!


coach Jeff



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