#CrossfitM3 Clients Learn #CoachJeff’s #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot:

I was invited to the new CrossFit training facility in my village of Port Credit, Ontario, Canada yesterday (June 18) by the owners, Matt & Marg Lefave. They wanted me to do a seminar on the Squat-Scoot method of safe, efficient running to 16 members of the facility. Matt and Marg are 2/3rds of CrossFit M3 with the 3rd ‘M’ being their 2 year old son – who looks as if HE could already handle a crossfit training session!  M3 CrossfitM3 TeamI had previously worked with Marg and Matt on testing their body symmetry (or lack thereof), unlocking their bodies and getting them into the Barefoot-Science foot strengthening system to ‘turn on’ the power switch of their bodies (similar to going barefoot). This was a big step for CrossFit as they do not spend time teaching safe running technique as part of their programme. Matt and Marg, however, recognize that many of their members WANT to run but WANT to run injury-free. Thus, they were open to bringing me in with the thought of expanding my work with theirs.

bareffotsci3roughsurfaceMark opening up hipI proceeded to assess the current running technique of the 16 participants – it became painfully obvious that none of them had any idea of how to run safely and efficiently. After 10 minutes of demonstrating my squat-scoot technique including the fall forward drill and bracing the whole body drill, they started to transform into safe, quiet runners.Squat Scoot 4Squat Scoot 3I then assessed their lack of body symmetry (see photo below where 1 member points out the ‘shorter’ leg) and guided them through a series of unlocking drills to ‘square them up’.Asymmetricalknee cross

Knee rollLeg swing 2Leg swing
As you can see, some of the members ‘unlocked’ better than others! The good news is that after doing all of the drills, everyone was symmetrical and balanced.FeetFrom there, it was time for transitioning to full-on barefoot running indoors and out. Everyone did exceedingly well all things considered. The comments were “I really LIKE the barefoot feel. It’s so much better than running in my coffins. I now do not feel pain in ANY of my joints”. Barefoot 3Barefoot 2Barefoot 1You will notice how the members adapted my ‘tight, light, compact, forward’ squat-scoot technique almost immediately upon running barefoot. All of them commented on how quiet they were on the feet (“like cats”) with NO discomfort.
Of course, no seminar with me is complete without doing the Sumo Squat. This is the 1 drill that I show all of my clients – it activates all parts of the body and enhances the full body bracing so essential to safe, injury-free running (barefoot or otherwise!).Sumo
Virtually all of the participants also want to add the barefoot- science insert system after noticing instant proprioceptive activation from the feet through the whole muscular system, improved posture and balance. This is the final piece of my injury-free running programme.

The rest, as they say, is up to the individual! Here’s to you adding some of the blog’s content to your running repertoire.

coach Jeff


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