#UltramarathonClients lock onto #CoachJeff and his #SquatScootTechnique:

Richard Ehrlich and Barb Campbell (my ultra-matahon clients) recorded a G0-Pro video of them doing drills designed by me to lock in safe, efficient, powerful running. These include the following:

  • forward drive from 1 knee to unlock the hip (for the leg showing shorter than the other)
  • bent leg crossover swings from the back
  • Functional Chain Trainer to activate the Extensor Chain muscles and improve posture for running
  • low leg swing from the back with shoulders staying on the floor to unlock the hips
  • double bent leg roll with knees to chest and shoulders staying on the floor
  • Health Bridges for 3 to 5 minutes twice per day to start. This unlocks the whole musculature around the spinal chord and improves posture and body symmetry

Click on video link below:

The video also includes:

  • Quad Squat to improve whole core activation and balance
  • The Airplane for the same reasons as the Quad Squat
  • Bosu Ball balance and arm drive with tension band on ankles
  • Up-Down hops on Bosu Ball to improve power and balance when running over uneven mountain terrain
  • 1-legged Squat arm-drives on Bosu Ball to lock in forward drive running
  • the 100 minor to improve feet cadence, consistency of landing and mid-foot strike for safety
  • Abdominal step side step to strengthen feet and simulate uneven terrain in mountainous ultra races

The final segment of the video has Barb and Richard putting my Squat-Scoot technique all together to run tight, light, compact and forward – injury free. Note how quiet, smooth and efficient they run over a ‘noisy’ surface. Since training with me, they have experienced NO related running injuries and noticed improvement in speed without an increase in related fatigue – a direct result of more efficient running against the downward pull of gravity.

I encourage you to incorporate all of the drills highlighted in the above video IF you are serious about running injury-free!

coach Jeff





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