#UCANBaseballAcademy Dares to #FixSouthAfrica:

In my February 24, 2016 blog post, I introduced you to my friend and coaching colleague, Mark Moore. If you recall, Mark runs an elite baseball academy in Capetown, South Africa where I first met him during one of my business trips. Having worked with Mark & his youth baseball players on injury prevention and body awareness on the field, I knew that this is a special human being.

However, it has only been over the past month that I more fully understood just how special Mr. Mark Moore is to SOOO many in South Africa. This is a white man who does NOT see colour nor race. He doesn’t accept oppression nor apartheid nor violence to solve challenges. He puts his money where his mouth is and ventures into the fray that is South Africa. He does this at significant emotional and financial cost BUT refuses to quit, cave in or capitulate to the ‘common opinion’. For all of the above traits and many more, I have ALL kinds of time for Mr. Mark Moore.

At my request, Mark forwarded me a link to his UCAN Baseball Academy programme (please click on the link inserted below).


If you have taken the time to peruse the content of the above link, you will have a better understanding of Mark, his supporters, the great work they are doing in the shanty towns of Capetown AND how they need our help! I have visited a number of shanty towns in Capetown whilst there on various business trips over the past decade. Thus, I know first hand the challenges that face South Africa in changing the dynamic of the next generation. Facing severe financial constraints, Mark’s UCAN programme needs a regular infusion of capital to continue its difference-making work.

For every youth that UCAN assists in forging a better, more productive life, the positive repercussions for South Africa as a whole are significant. Why should we in other parts of the world who face are OWN local challenges give a crap about South Africa?? Good question…to which I reply “South Africa’s challenges are MUCH greater than ours on most of the planet AND, by positively impacting impoverished youth in South Africa, we are creating an atmosphere of world sharing and support for generations to come.

Now is the time for those of us who CAN to support UCAN. There is a Donation link in the link above AND a charitable donation number. You will automatically receive a tax donation slip via email. As those of you who follow my blog regularly know, I DO NOT solicit donations nor spew on about various causes. This, however, is an exception. I have been moved to action by a man guided by God to do His work on earth against all odds. I have financially committed to support the work of UCAN – it’s my small way of letting Mark know that there are people who care. There are people who want to positively affect change. There are God-fearing people who care that Mark’s UCAN programme succeeds in allowing youth from Capetown’s  shanty towns to rise up and improve the South African landscape for the betterment of the world.

I ask “what are you waiting for?” Offer up your financial support. Offer up your moral support. Offer up your hands-on skills (if you are so inclined to visit with Mark in Capetown’s shanty towns). Offer up your voice to impact positive change within the political structure of South Africa. As has been proven over the centuries, the masses rising up impact positive change. It’s the only way to do so!

Here’s to you rising up!

coach Jeff


One thought on “#UCANBaseballAcademy Dares to #FixSouthAfrica:

  1. Coach Mark stands strong in his Faith. Serves underprivileged young adults to believe in themselves. No matter what curve balls are thrown his way, he never gives up. He has changed so many lives for the better. Areas he ventures into he trusts God protection. I know no other that does what he does. He is not brave, he is humble with Faith some of us cannot understand. His home is always opened to all to share a meal or stay over. He teaches family values and self respect. Young adults are changed and that is his joy and blessing. Financially it is tough for him and his family, but by the Grace of God over the years they have survived. He lives by Faith alone.
    Desray Cornwell – South Africa

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