#HellaCravings #AdeleParody on New Year’s Resolution #Exercise Challenge:

The video included (click on link below) set to Adele’s new hit song is a classic!

It follows a couple’s challenges around following through on a New Year’s resolution to:

  • exercise more
  • eat healthier
  • drink less alcohol
  • vary one’s activity schedule
  • get regular rest and a good night’s sleep

Even though it is an absolutely hilarious parody, it rings true on so many levels. As a coach and trainer as well as a competitive athlete over MANY decades, I have heard every promise – AND EXCUSE – when it comes to changing one’s lifestyle to healthy, active and balanced. For the majority of people IN THE WORLD, exercising regularly and eating a healthy, balanced diet is akin to getting poked in the eye with a red hot needle. It’s something that most of us simply do NOT want as part of life.

Thus, making the proverbial New Year’s resolution to improve all aspects of one’s lifestyle is prone to abject failure. This is NOT to say that everyone has good intentions. In most cases, this is so. It’s simply a matter of ‘life’ getting in the way of people’s best intentions. As examples, if I had a nickle for every one of my potential clients’ promises to:

  1. attend my 6:00 a.m. Friday T-Team circuit training classes
  2. attend my 5:31 a.m. hill and trail running drill sessions
  3. attend my Team Over The Top running clinics
  4. attend my daily dips in frigid Lake Ontario
  5. attend my seminars and workshops on learning how to run injury-free
  6. attend my classes on how to safely run barefoot and avoid needless running injuries

I would be a multi-millionaire!! The bottom line is – most human beings have trouble saying ‘no’ or ‘not interested”. They would rather say “I’ll be there” or “I plan to be there” or “put me down for the next session”…you get the point.

Here’s what the old coach suggests for you and 2016. View the Adele parody on the link above every time you think of saying “I’ll start tomorrow”. If THAT doesn’t get you motivated to start TODAY, nothing will…AND the coach will simply wish you the best in the rest of your life.

Oh, and if you truly want to stretch out your New Year’s bucket list, join me for a barefoot snow run followed by a dip in Lake Ontario. I guarantee you will NEVER be unbalanced nor get any of the common ‘bug’ sicknesses (head or chest cold, influenza and so on). See you in the lake!!

coach Jeff


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