#T-Team #CircuitTraining – A Difference-maker for #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot:

I developed my T-Team circuit training programme in 1979 to provide clients with an efficient, safe way to develop all aspects of physical fitness in 30 minutes once per week repeatedly doing the 12 stations of the circuit. As crazy as that sounds, the results were spectacular – and continue to be to this day!

There are many reasons as to why this is so. Some of these are as follows:

  • each of the 12 stations is specifically designed to tax a different area of the body and a different energy system. No other like programme accomplishes this to my knowledge


  • the 30 second time limit per station taxes the alactacid and lactacid energy systems mainly at the muscle level – again unique to circuit training
  • the fast-paced format (no rest/recovery between stations nor circuits) develops quickness, agility and balance – essential to everyday living and performing in other physical activities

explosive drills

  • the total body stations along with the continuous flow of motion activate the aerobic energy system which carries over to other activities
  • the use of extensor chain drills helps to improve posture, unlock ‘jammed’ joints – thus preventing any avoidable injuries


  • doing the T-Team full-on barefoot. This fully activates the body from the feet up, improves proprioceptive firing through the whole body and stimulates better squaring up and body symmetry – all important for safe, powerful activity

The stress on PERFECT practice and technique by me on EACH station and Each circuit make sure that my clients remain injury-free – not just during the circuit BUT when running, biking, swimming etcetera. There simply is NOT a more efficient way to accomplish all of this – that I am aware of. If anyone knows of a better way, please inform the old coach. I’m all ears and eyes!!

If you do NOT currently train like this, I highly recommend you do so. The results will astound you!


coach Jeff


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