Squat Scoot Technique Video for #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot:

Click on the link above to watch the coach in action. This is a short clip that features the key components of my Squat-Scoot technique of safe, efficient, powerful mid-foot running. By implementing the appropriate movements and locking them in via perfect practice, one can expect to run injury-free. Having trained 100s of clients in how to do the Squat-Scoot…WITHOUT AVOIDABLE RUNNING INJURIES – I know it works!

This is a brief introduction to the technique. My plan is to produce other videos that will provide more detail on barefoot running, my Squat-Scoot technique, safe and powerful hill and trail running and drills to lock in nuances and square up the body.

Many thanks to Richard Munter (one of my fitness clients) who videotaped, edited and produced my initial foray into the digital world. Richard is a professional web designer, copy editor, writer and producer whom I’d highly recommend to any of my followers.

Take a few minutes to view my video and then visualize the technique and apply it to your running. I guarantee you will run quieter, lighter, safer and more powerfully in a matter of weeks – maybe even BAREFOOT!

coach Jeff


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