#Barefoot Running on Rough Surfaces #InjuryFreeRunning

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My barefoot running colleague from Huntington Beach, CA – KenBob Saxton – says that to run safely & efficiently bare-foot you must 1st run on the most rugged surfaces you can locate. I wasn’t totally sold on this as the best approach but, having implemented the process this summer, I am now!

Remember my reasoning around running barefoot:

* no running-related injuries

* more natural running technique

* ultimately, more efficient & faster pacing/cadence

I incorporated the following & recommend doing the same (if you are so inclined!):

* find surfaces that combine roughed-up pavement, uneven concrete & shoulders of sharp, small stone or gravel

* alternate running for as long as you can tolerate on the stones/gravel before shifting to the ‘softer, more forgiving’ surfaces

* build up daily till you can run quickly & relatively pain-free on the sharper surfaces

* combine this with bare-foot 1-legged hill drills…

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