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Last Wednesday, May 6 will go down in the annals of Team Over The Top was a watershed day. This was when D. Scott Grisewood, EMA, RMT FINALLY made it from his base in Barrie, Ontario, Canada to my base in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada to work his magic on 2 of my key clients. I had been trying to organize this with Scott for over 4 years without success. As they say, the best things in life are the ones worth waiting for. Having Scott treat my clients was one of those “best things”.

I was introduced to Scott by a business associate – Lance Todd, the president and CEO of the amazing foot strengthening system, Barefoot-Science. Scott was presenting at a conference where Lance was also presenting. The rest, as they say, was history. From that chance encounter, Lance and Scott determined that they had the same approach to “fixing” people who wanted to be active but were constantly in pain. When I came into the picture with my barefoot running and Squat-Scoot technique of injury-free running, the 3 of us  knew it was only a matter of time before my Injury Prevention Academy – with Lance and Scott integral parts of the team – would take flight.


Scott uses a combination of:

  • shock-wave therapy
  • Pulse Activation Release (PAR)
  • surface Electro-Myograpghy (EMG)
  • foot plate balance (Noraxon)
  • mild manual manipulation
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) exercises and drills
  • Functional Trainer (SkiEx)

to literally transform his clients from flexor-dominant, unbalanced and multi-injured to posterior chain, gluteal, Central Nervous System activated, pain free and fully released – in ONE 90 minute session! Each of the above techniques is not in and of themselves unique in the therapeutic world. However, in combination and in the hands of a healing master such as Scott, the results are truly incredible.

My 1st client whom Scott treated is a 19 year old (Megan) who had trained with me for a number of years before going off to university in 2013. For the past 2 years, she went from barefoot running and regular core centering exercises to doing virtually nothing. Upon returning home after Year 2 of studies in April, she got back to running BUT experienced such severe pain in her knees that walking up and down stairs was a chore. She presented as severely knock-kneed and flexor-dominant. The knock-knees were evident from about age 6 – the family was told this was genetic and she’d always be like this. Well, Scott said otherwise. He calmly and professionally demonstrated to Megan that she was totally locked up from her mid back through her pelvic girdle to her toes! By using the shock therapy wand (through Megan’s clothes – no skin to skin contact!) and, from time to time, his hands, Scott firmly yet gently released all of Megan’s locked up, unbalanced areas. Whereas she presented with a leg length discrepancy of 11/2 inches pre-treatment, her legs were identical in length post-treatment. I kept asking if the treatment hurt and Megan just laughed, saying “I’ve never felt like this. I feel great!”. Scott continued to explain precisely what he was doing to ‘square up’ and ‘balance’ Megan – always in a calm, professional manner. After the treatment, Megan stood up and did repeated full knee squats – with NO pain! Prior to treatment, she could not squat without her knees grinding and without severe pain. Scott showed Megan a series of exercises and drills that she MUST do daily to retain the effects of Scott’s treatment. 8 days later and Megan is able to run pain-free, is doing the exercises AND her knock-knees are a thing of the past – totally straight and balanced!


My 2nd client (Iona) was more problematic. Her MRI showed osteoarthritis and a small medial meniscus tear in her right knee. As Scott told her, “I cannot make your arthritis and meniscus tear disappear BUT I can unlock you and get you back to some level of running” – this after Iona went through numerous Sports Medicine orthorpaedic doctors, chiropractic therapists, physiotherapists etc. – all of whom told her “your running days are over”. Once again, Iona presented with ‘leg length discrepancy’ among a plethora of other locked-up, flexor dominant challenges. Once again, Scott used the combination of shock-wave therapy and gentle manual manipulation to release Iona and ‘level off’ her legs. After the treatment, Scott also showed Iona a series of PNF stretches and isolation strengthening exercises (similar to ones I use in my barefoot running clinics) to lock in the gains of her treatment. He also demonstrated how to use the Functional Trainer (SkiEx) to activate the posterior chain of muscles and take Iona out of forward flexor mode – in other words, straigthening up her posture). Iona’s comments post-treatment: “I’ve never had anyone work on me through my clothes and get positive results. Scott explained EVERY aspect of what he found and what he did to fix me in a language that I understood. For the 1st time in years, I can actually run pain-free. Now I need to build on this. I asked Scott when we can set up a 2nd appointment and he said “you don’t need one. If you do the exercises, you’ll be fine. If you don’t you may need to see me again as a reminder!” I’ve NEVER had a therapist treat me once, fix me and send me on my way with NO follow-up appointment. That in and of itself was worth seeing Scott”. Scott may NOT be a miracle worker BUT he’s damn close!!

Needless to say, I now have a line-up of clients wanting to be treated by Scott – if I can only get him transferred to Port Credit!! In combination with my approach to tight, light, compact, forward injury-free running and Lance’s barefoot-science insert foot strengthening system, Scott’s unique ability to use treatment modalities  with the touch of a natural ‘healer’ makes the Injury Prevention Academy one of a kind. We not only fix people, we prevent them from re-injury; thus ensuring a return to physical activity…PAIN FREE!

coach Jeff



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