#BarefootScience Inserts: The Difference Maker in #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot @ArchActivation


Amongst my Team Over The Top clientele, there is only one who runs full-on barefoot in almost all conditions. All of the others will do barefoot running drills as part of my training clinics to improve balance, foot cadence, locking in my Squat-Scoot technique of tight, light, compact, forward injury-free running BUT that is the extent of it. As with at least 97% of the North American (and, for that matter, European) population, they will NEVER go full-on barefoot running or walking outdoors. It’s simply NOT going to happen in my lifetime nor in the next, I don’t believe.

Thus, it was my introduction to the Barefoot-Science system (and its patented progressive plug inserts) by the company’s CEO (Lance Todd) that revolutionized my approach to barefoot running.

I now had a proven, 100% effective foot-strengthening system that worked WITHOUT my clients needing to actually run barefoot. They could now reap all of the rewards of barefoot running:

  • proprioceptive firing from the arches of the feet through the whole body
  • instant sensory feedback to improve balance, reaction time and proper postural alignment
  • turning on the power ‘switch’ to increase strength
  • elimination of internal tibial rotation – the precursor to all of the ‘itis’ running injuries
  • activation of the body’s muscular chain from the feet all the way to the chest and upper back

without actually having to run barefoot. This was such a powerful revelation to me that I HAD to get my clients using the system immediately. Don’t let me tout the results. Let me list the comments from them directly:

Jillian Halligan (a former Canadian National team bobsledder and 10 year Olympic weightlifter) had ‘dead feet’, fallen arches and a long-term groin strain post-pregnancy. Immediately upon putting the B-S inserts into her weightlifting shoes, she “felt a major positive difference in my lifting and NO foot/groin pain for the 1st time in months – I am VERY excited!”)

Sue Anderson (a Canadian-ranked age group duathlete who hasn’t been able to run & cycle pain-free for over 2 years) is not only running pain-free (after being told she’d NEVER run again) using my Squat-Scoot technique AND her B-S inserts but “I wore my inserts on the bike and it was the first time my feet didn’t fall asleep once during the whole 3 hour ride! Usually, they become numb. I was also able to get my cadence up to the 170s during the sprints! Pretty exciting

David Harris (a 15-time marathoner) put in the system prior to an intense track workout 3 weeks ago. Not only did he handle the session without cramping, he went on to do two 34 km race-pace runs without even a trace of leg cramping. This was the 1st time ever Dave trained that deep cramp-free. He also commented that “I can finally feel my gluteal muscles activating” (essential in the effective sequential running muscle firing sequence)

Kerry Howes (a 3:18 Boston marathoner and mother of 2 infants) has a history of IT-Band soreness. She had lost her B-S plugs and I gave her new ones last night before our intense track workout – she was complaining of outer knee soreness and was going to see a therapist the next day. Instead, we pumped her up to level 4 from an ‘old’ level 2 and turned her lose on the track. One and a half hours later, she announced that “I didn’t feel one bit of discomfort! That’s amazing!” The inserts had immediately corrected her imbalances and eased the pain off her IT-Band

Scott Moulson (father of NHLer – Matt Moulson and an ultra-marathon runner) came to me as a heavy ‘plodder’ who wanted to run faster, lighter and injury-free. Immediately after putting in the B-S inserts and doing 5 minutes of running drills, he announced “I am finally landing forward. I feel lighter and stronger already!”

Kristen Page (a 7-time marathoner and 15-time 1/2 marathoner) had never been able to train & race injury-free nor get any faster from race 1 on. She had no gluteal muscle activity and flat, dead feet with a brace around her knee. After ditching her orthotics (which did NOT help her in the least!) during our 1st  1-on-1 training session, wearing the B-S inserts for 3 months and learning my Squat-Scoot running technique, Kristen threw away her knee brace and started running faster, longer and injury-free. Further, she actually developed arches in both feet and started activating her gluteal muscles – much to her surprise! She just completed the gruelling 30 km Around The Bay road race in 3:07, a personal record by a full 13 minutes…with NO injuries


These are but a few examples of the transformative power of the Barefoot-Science insert system. As mentioned at the beginning of the blog, if you are NOT going to run barefoot BUT want all of the injury-prevention efficiency of running barefoot, this is only ONE solution – Barefoot-Science inserts!!


coach Jeff



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