Esme Hawthorn Update – Age 11 months #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot


It’s been 4 months since the last blog on my grand-niece, Esme Hawthorn. As she approaches her 1st birthday, there have been many more amazingly advanced (barefoot) feats. To summarize:

  • doing a perfect prone plank and push-ups age age 3 months
  • balancing whilst walking on a log with minimal support age 4 months
  • walking on her own age 5 months
  • walking up stairs age 7 months
  • swimming on her own age 9 months
  • walking with no support over sponge balls at a play centre barefoot without falling age 10 months

These in and of themselves are incredible accomplishments for a 3 to 4 year old let alone one in the 1st year of life. You will see from the accompanying photos that Esme can:

  • walk barefoot on a sandy beach
  • hold herself in an inverted pull-up position from the base of her high chair – this done totally of her own accord
  • hold herself as above with full head & neck extension
  • walk over thick cushions without falling – using synergistic muscle recruitment to stay balanced and upright (her grandparent’s play centre!)
  • dance like some of the top rappers (see video)


In all cases, you will notice the solid core that allows Esme to centre herself, square up the hips to remain balanced and keep her feet gripping the ground. This last point indicates that her feet are activated proprioceptively to send neuromuscular signals through the rest of her body – resulting in her advanced ability to walk, climb, run, swim and perform strength moves before she can speak. Even if Esme IS my grand-niece, these are still exceedingly advanced activities (and further evidence of the importance of keeping your children barefoot) for one so young!


Here’s to Esme being on the Canadian Olympic team NOT in 2036 but in 2032!!

coach Jeff


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