Keeping Active without Running #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot


It’s not often that I go away on holiday for any length of time without running – especially barefoot. Well, there’s always a first time for everything. Over the Canadian Family Day holiday in mid February and for a few days thereafter, I did just that – no running for 3 days! Unheard of in my world – as I said earlier, especially without going for a barefoot run!

My wife & I ventured off to the Briar’s Resort on Lake Simcoe near Jackson’s Point, Ontario, Canada – a mere 115 kms (70 miles) from our home in Port Credit. Hard to believe that such a historic (the original buildings were built in 1802 and 1884), rustic, peaceful retreat could be so close to our home. It proved to be the perfect get-away after a hectic, angst-filled 2014/early 2015 for us.


As you will see from the accompanying photos, we did everything BUT run outdoors barefoot (my wife would NEVER do this, of course. She begrudgingly allows her rather eccentric husband to do so!). The list of Canadian winter sports activities included the following:

  • snowshoeing on Lake Simcoe (it was frozen over – the ice cap measured 21/2 feet thick)
  • snowshoeing on the Briar’s 18 hole golf course (challenging yet picturesque)
  • cross-country skiing on both the above
  • ice skatng on the Briar’s outdoor rink
  • hiking through the Briar’s wooded trails
  • swimming in the indoor pool
  • circuit weight training in the Briar’s gym


Remember – we did all of the above (and some of them more than once) in 3 days! It’s most likely why none of our friends nor family members go on holiday with us. Non-stop from early in the morning till dark with no drinking, drugs nor partying. Sounds boring BUT, at our advanced ages, we put to shame most people 30 years younger…and the coach is good with that!! It was just the remedy for reinvigorating us whilst allowing my rather ‘winter beaten up’ feet to recover slightly from minor frostbite.


Also, my guess is all the cross-training helped me amp up my energy for what will prove to be a busy, active remainder of 2015. Of course, with our Canadian winter still holding on, I haven’t been able to run outdoors barefoot every morning BUT I’ve gotten in a few – even at -19 Celsius. Spring weather and the resultant melt-off of snow cannot come soon enough.

Here’s to all of you seizing every opportunity to be physically active in order to maintain mentally acuity!

coach Jeff


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