Injury Prevention Academy with @HalliganJillian In The Works #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot


For as long as I have been competing, coaching and training (that’s a lot of years!!), avoiding what I call ‘itis’ injuries has been my main focus.

It took me the better part of 7 years of academia in Exercise Physiology and another 15 years of hands-on sports specific coaching to understand the process. Even though I was practicing safe, efficient training as early as elementary school, I had no idea why my techniques worked. At the advanced age of 110 (just kidding, 61), I am finally getting around to creating what I should have created decades ago…The Injury Prevention Academy!

Being introduced to Jillian Halligan has been a God-send. Not only does Jillian have the same academic background as I, she is 20+ years younger!! Further, as an Olympic weight lifter and former Canadian National Team bobsledder, she has the same approach to safe, efficient and, finally, powerful training to AVOID injuries. Combining her talents specific to technically perfect weight lifting with my ability to transition chronically injured runners to the Squat/Scoot technique of mid-foot running only made perfect sense. Further, our belief in the importance of PERFECT practice is at the crux of the IPA.


The IPA format will include such features as:

  1. complete assessment profile
  2. complete blood profile (if necessary) to assess food intolerance, hormonal imbalances etc. that could be negatively affecting physical performance, emotional well-being and injury prevention
  3. personalized programmes designed to meet the client’s needs in a safe, efficient manner
  4. instruction of said programmes and techniques by world-renown exercise physiologists
  5. introduction of EMG testing to isolate muscle imbalance
  6. use of the SkiEX system for autonomic parasympathetic activation
  7. use of the Barefoot-Science  insert system to activate the muscular chain from the feet up.

along with a variety of other systems and techniques to ensure injured clients get back to SAFELY competing and non-injured clients STAY that way! It’s not often the old coach gets excited and fired up about so-called ‘new’ ideas and opportunities. However, this is one of the times when I AM fired up. The potential to make a difference and not only FIX injured athletes BUT prevent avoidable injuries is too good to be true.

Stay tuned as Jillian and I make the Injury Prevention Academy a reality…sooner than later!

coach Jeff



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