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To start off my official blogging for 2015, I decided to present a series of testimonials from clients who have not only hired me to train them how to run safer, more efficiently & powerfully but also use the Barefoot Science insert system – a research proven product that proprioceptively activates the neuromuscular system from the feet up. The combination of my Squat/Scoot technique of mid-foot running and barefoot running drills plus the Barefoot-Science insert system has proven to be 100% successful in transforming injured, frustrated, at-risk runners into injury-free, exceedingly happy running machines!

A few of the testimonials (in condensed form) follow:

Carole (an injured iM competitor who stopped running in September/2014 due to ongoing, chronic foot and leg pain). After working with me once, switching to the F-Lite 195 minimalist shoe (from a pair of ultra-heavy ‘coffin’ shoes) and wearing the Barefoot-Science system for 3 weeks, Carole had this to say: ” I just started working with coach Jeff, but I already know he’s leading me down the right path”. After putting in the B-S inserts, she said “I feel instant activation in my whole core, my posture straightened and I feel totally balanced with no pain”. Finally, after running in the F-Lites with the B-S inserts, “my feet feel free for the 1st time ever”. Read Carole’s blog here.


Nikita (a 270 pound, 26 year old trying to re-invent himself). A non-runner, he worked with me over the spring & part of the summer of 2014. He had tried running on his own but got injured and quit. As he tried again, we met & the rest is history. After adapting to my Squat/Scoot technique, inserting the B-S system and doing barefoot drills on a track for 8 weeks, Nikita did 2 x 5 km & 2 x 10 km races, going faster with less fatigue each time. He experienced no running-related injuries and said “coach Jeff’s techniques and the B-S inserts transformed me to the point where my balance is better, I sleep better, my core is activated all day, I have no more back pain…and I am entered into the May, 2015 Mississauga 1/2 marathon – an impossible dream just 1 year ago!”

Catherine (a metallurgical engineer and multi-talented athlete who could not run past 10 kms without developing severe IT-Band and related knee pain). She was referred to me in the spring of 2014 and continues to train with me every few months. Her work requires wearing steel-toed boots in the filed – sometimes for 8-10 hours per day. An extension of my training included the B-S inserts in her boots. Instantly, Catherine experienced a total elimination of back pain and fatigue and an awareness of gluteal muscle firing even when standing for hours on end. In her words, “following coach Jeff’s technique of squatting and scooting whilst bracing against the downward pull of gravity has allowed me to run 15+ kms pain-free for the 1st time in my running life. I now hold out hope of running my 1st marathon by 2016. As an engineer, I understand the basic physics around coach Jeff’s training drills and running technique. Also, the B-S inserts have saved me countless hours of needless pain”.

Kristen (another chronically injured runner who was wearing orthotics inside ‘coffin’ running shoes and a knee brace). She was used to walking and running with no idea HOW to run whilst protecting her body. Another referral to me, Kristen began her coach Jeff journey 8 weeks ago. After one session, she said “even though I’m tired, the workout made me feel good as it showed that I am strengthening weak running muscles”. We threw away her orthotics, got her fitted for a minimalist running shoe and put in the B-S inserts. Her comments: “I can finally run without knee pain and balance on 1 foot. I have never been able to do this. The B-S inserts make me align my body better with no back pain whilst running and at work”. After finishing a demanding 14 km run on the toughest section of the Around The Bay race course today, Kristen said “I have NEVER felt this good running on the Bay course. I feel as if I can run the route again right now…but I won’t!”. Also for the 1st time ever, she ran without walk breaks and went faster than ever before with less fatigue.

Iona (met me at the Terry Fox run in September, 2014 and, after a 5 minute conversation about her running injuries and frustrations, she joined my Team Over The Top running clinic and T-Team circuit training). Iona is best friends with Kristen (see above) and came to me wearing orthotics in ‘coffins’ and a knee brace. See a pattern here? She also did the walk/run thing that drives me crazy! After getting her into the B-S inserts and working with her on barefoot running drills, Iona said “wow – I can’t believe the difference. I can feel my feet activated from the arch up through my calves, upper legs, gluteals and chest. I’ve never felt like this whist running”. Having worked up to Level 3 in the B-S inserts, Iona now says “no more orthotics for me. I’ll gradually throw away the knee brace as well”. After the 14 km Around The Bay run this morning with my TOTT runners, she said “I’ve NEVER been able to run all the way up the hill after LaSalle Park till training with you and putting in the B-S inserts. Thank you!!” Iona not only ran the hill without walking, she did the whole 14 kms without walking and sprinted into LaSalle Park at the finish.

These are but a few of the testimonials that I receive from runners who have been transformed into safe, efficient machines. The combination of coach Jeff’s training techniques and the Barefoot Science inserts is unmatched in the running world!




Coach Jeff


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