Update on Esme Hawthorne – Youngest #TOTTer #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot

I started blogging about my grand-niece, Esme Hawthorne, when she was 4 months old – that was in August of this year. At the time, she was already showing the ability to stand, do planks, roll along the floor etc. That prompted me to predict that she would be on the Canadian Olympic team by 2036 as a barefoot running competitor – with tongue-in-check BUT maybe NOT!!

Well, as you can see from the attached video footage, Esme is now walking (and running, for that matter) at the ripe old age of…7 MONTHS!! This is NOT a misprint…age 7 months!! Her progress from the womb to today did NOT include crawling nor did it include wearing coffins (baby shoes) of any type nor did it include spending time in a play pen. Esme simply skipped over all of that and went right into full-on barefoot walking and running. She has not been sick for even 1 day of her young life and shows determination well beyond the age norm. Not one to be restrained, her parents simply let her experience the power of Mother Earth on her feet for hours of every day. There are next-to-no moments of ‘relaxation’ – simply a certain ‘joie de vivre’ that cannot be taught- only encouraged!

As you will notice in the video, Esme has an amazingly strong core that keeps her in balance over her feet. She moves forward with confidence, her feet gripping the floor and propelling her forward. You’ll note that her arms are already assisting in balancing the body and the driving forward action of the feet. Further, there is NOT an exaggerated forward nor side-to-side lean that might cause a tumble. Esme catches herself in perfect fall-forward squat-scoot mid-foot technique…as coached by me to all of my runners. If only they had the advantage of a barefoot upbringing that encouraged early connectivity with the earth…my job as a barefoot running coach would be SOOO much easier. Then again, I also might be out of work!!!

Here’s to Esme continuing on the path of barefoot running and walking for a healthier, happier, more engaged life! Congratulations to her parents on a job well done…to date!


coach Jeff


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