Explosive Power Drills for #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot

explosive drills

As part of my training program for injury-free, efficient barefoot running preparation, I incorporate a series of explosive power drills.

These are done either in the gym we use as a training base or the infield of a local track during amenable weather conditions. The format is as follows:

  • a 5-10 minute total body warm-up
  • a 5 to 10 minute series of barefoot cadence drills to activate the feet, calves, hams, quads and gluts for the upcoming intense drills
  • 30 to 60 seconds per drill (depending on fitness level) with not more than 5 to 10 seconds recovery between drills
  • 2 to 4 sets of the full circuit (again depending on level of fitness)
  • 1 to 2 sessions of the drills per week during lower mileage weeks with 1 session per week during higher mileage weeks
  • full session done barefoot

One of the explosive power circuits (done from a standing start) that I incorporate is as follows:

  1. ankle jumps (get as high off the ground as possible and point the toes to the ground)
  2. 2-legged jumps (get as high off the ground as possible only bending slightly at the knees on impact and immediately exploding into the air again)
  3. squat jumps ( bend knees to 100 degrees and immediately explode off the ground. Land in same bent knee position and repeat)
  4. squat hold jumps (bend knees to 90 degrees, hold for 5 seconds, then explode to maximum height straight up. Land with bent knees and hold for 5 count again before repeating)
  5. forward lunge jumps (explode into the air extending the legs in a lunge position. Land with bent knees lightly and explode off the ground again, this time extending the other leg forward. Repeat quickly)
  6. skip jumps (mimic a skipping action with ultra-high knee lifts, landing lightly with bent knee)

Incorporating these into your regular training regime will not only improve your power endurance but will strengthen the feet to safely propel you when running – whether it’s barefoot, shod in minimalist footwear or ‘coffins’ (regular, heavily cushioned shoes). The results are consistently positive for all of those who train with me and Team Over The Top.

See my latest video for a full Barefoot Gym Session:  http://youtu.be/WnSH29Z8hKI

coach Jeff

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