The #Barefoot #Running Flick Technique #InjuryFreeRunning

Natural Running Canada


It’s one thing to run barefoot on any outdoor terrain or surface. It’s another thing to do this safely. It’s quite another thing to do it POWERFULLY & with SPEED. Very few of our generation (especially in countries outside Africa, South America & parts of Asia) can do any of the above easily and naturally. We are quite simply to SOFT on the skin covering the soles of our feet.  Too much coverage, too much cushion, too much pampering…

If you’re serious about changing the trend and venturing into the barefoot running world, understand that once you perfect total core bracing, light, compact, forward running, roughing up the skin on the soles of your feet and the technique of ‘flicking’, you MAY be ready to run 25 metres barefoot on rough asphalt or concrete.

I am focusing on the ‘flick’ technique in this blog due to my belief that the basic physics parameter…

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