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As most of us have grown up wearing ‘coffins’ (see earlier blog) on our feet, it is no wonder that we have ‘flat feet’, ‘itis’ issues, sore backs, hips, knees etc.
It’s especially disconcerting to me when I see our youth hobbling & struggling with foot-related soreness/injury. There is simply no reason for this. If you fall into the above category, put in place the following circuit DAILY for 15 minutes:

* double leg hops on the spot (land on the SAME spot). Try to work up to 1 minute
* 1-legged hops on the spot as above
* box double leg hops (the box should be only 3 to 4 cms. square)
* box 1-legged hops as above
* step-ups on 1 stair – alternate lead legs
* 1-legged hop-downs from 1 stair (make sure to tighten your core & flex @ the knee upon landing (cushion!)

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