Protecting the Toes When Running Barefoot #InjuryFreeRunning

barefoot running stubbed toes

One of the many complaints I get by those trying to go ‘minimalist’ (such as the Vibram FFs) let alone barefoot, is “I keep stubbing my toes. Lots of blood & bruising…no fun for me!”.

I fully understand the frustration. During the 1st few years of running barefoot (but, mainly, when wearing the FFs in the colder Canadian weather), I would regularly ‘stub’ my right big toe…to the point where I sheared off most of my toe nail & suffered innumerable cuts, bruises & abrasions. These never stopped me from running BUT they were frustrating. I realized that,with my right leg slightly longer & my right foot slightly bigger, I was anatomically more prone to ‘stubbing’ my right vs. left big toe.
Thus, I developed a way to keep my toes more parallel to the ground, ‘flick’ faster off the surface from the mid-foot, stay tighter in my glutes to help me hold a ‘level’ running position & push off from my mid-foot with a subtle heel ‘graze’.

Lo & behold, I also found that I NEVER ‘stub’ my toe whislt running barefoot. My conclusion is the FFs (& other ‘footwear’) allow you to let the defences down, get a tad lazy &, voila, ‘stubbed’ toes. Follow the above tips – & save your toes!!

coach Jeff

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