Why ZERO Injuries doing the Squat-Scoot #Running #Barefoot #InjuryFreeRunning


If I wasn’t so certain about the effectiveness of the Squat-Scoot method of mid-foot running for avoidable (‘itis’) injury-free running, I would have disappeared into blog heaven ages ago.

Virtually all of the ‘research’, commentary, tweets etc. throwing a damper on barefoot running do NOT include experienced barefooters & those they coach in the research process.

Thus, I am left to ask – “Where the hell are you with your analytical monitoring devices”. You sure as shootin’ are not out testing me and my Team over The Top barefoot or minimalist squat-scoot runners nor are you testing extensively and accurately my barefoot running colleagues from North America, Africa, south-east Asia, South America, India & Sri Lanka.

All of the safe, injury-free barefoot runners of the world do the following:

  • brace powerfully & without fatigue from the mid-chest to the mid thighs
  • consciously land slightly forward from the mid-foot arch and flick the foot quickly off the ground
  • keep the knees bent throughout the full running circuit by squatting low and stacking the shoulders hips and knees over th efeet
  • drive forward from the arms with the shoulders square and dropped down – no excess rolling action. My runners accomplish this by doing lots of full range isometric upper body exercises
  • fire consistently from the calves to the hamstrings gluts to the gluts to the quads without fail. This ensures quiet, injury-free, quick running
  • listen intently for the silence of their feet. If they hear any noise from slapping the earth, they pause, re-focus on bracing and continue

One day, the world will wake up and understand that are forefathers and mothers were correct –  less on the feet when moving is more…when done properly!!

Coach Jeff

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