‘Coffins’ Explained #Barefoot #InjuryFreeRunning

I mentioned ‘COFFINS‘ in my previous posting but didn’t offer much in the way of explanation. Thus, please note:

  • The more material you put on your feet, the more you deaden their response to natural stimuli.
  • The more you deaden their response, the more you weaken the running muscles from the calves to the gluts.
  • The more you deaden the running muscles, the more strain you put on tendons, ligaments, joints to compensate.
  • The end result is USUALLY some type of ‘-itis’ injury or worse.
  • Thus, any type of footwear deadens your feet muscles, nerves, tendons & ligaments…thus, the ‘coffin‘ analogy

The bottom line is keep your feet stimulated and strong!

Nothing but good results!!

Coach Jeff    http://www.naturalrunning.ca


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