Research vs. Reality in #Barefoot #Running #InjuryFreeRunning

rightway to run

As an Exercise Physiologist, research, statistics, probabilities etc. were drilled into me by my research advisers. “If the data were not definitive, it’s impossible to reach a conclusion one way or the other” was the mantra preached consistently throughout my formal education.

With the so-called onslaught of the ‘barefoot running’ movement (which, by the way, existed centuries ago!), my research colleagues have been reticent to make bold statements re: the merits of running barefoot vs. in the ‘coffins’ manufactured by the running shoe conglomerates.

I, on the other hand, have no qualms about stating categorically that running barefoot CORRECTLY prevents all the ‘itis’ & related injuries caused by the imbalance promoted when wearing ‘coffins’. Having trained hundreds of people ages 7 to 70 in the squat-scoot style of mid-foot barefoot running without injury, I do NOT need ‘irrefutable’ scientific data to back  my claim. Here’s to the ‘coffin’ manufacturers waking up!

coach jeff

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