Gym Training for #InjuryFreeRunning #Barefoot

In anticipation of coach Jeff’s summer Indoor Gym Training Clinic that begins on Wednesday, July 2 at 7:00pm, I felt it necessary to provide details as to content, what you can expect from the sessions, why these are important to prepare you for safe road running etc. More specific information here.


  • you will learn the Squat-Scoot method of mid-foot running that ensures safe, injury-free, efficient running on any surface
  • you will learn how to train barefoot not just whilst doing numerous drills but also doing the Squat-Scoot style of running
  • you will be introduced to the use of stability balls, Bosu Balls, floor mats, medicine balls, pylons, free weights, resistance bands in a series of drills to improve all aspects of body conditioning
  • you will learn how to control your body versus the downward pull of gravity


  • you will improve balance, body centering and running muscle sequential firing
  • you will develop better full core strength and endurance to better hold the Squat-Scoot running position
  • you will learn how to increase your foot turnover and cadence
  • you will learn how to breathe and use your arm drive to coordinate with foot turnover
  • you will improve power, speed and muscular endurance as they apply to safe, efficient movement
  • you will improve the proprioceptive and neuromuscular activity of the feet by training barefoot which in turn will strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the feet


  • by learning how to brace against the downward pull of gravity whilst running, you will be almost 100% guaranteed of running injury-free
  • by learning how to brace the whole core whist running, you will move lighter, tighter, more compact and forward – precisely how you need to run safely
  • by learning how to isolate key muscle groups whilst building range of motion strength endurance, you will stay lower and drive forward longer with less fatigue
  • by learning how to square up and centre the body, you will lock in the Squat-Scoot method – the result being safe, efficient, powerful running

In summary, coach Jeff’s summer gym training clinic is a must for those of you wanting to develop the ability to protect the body, understand the mechanics of safe running and improve specific aspects of movement fitness.

See you on July 2!!

coach Jeff

Go to for the clinic outline and e-mail the coach at to reserve a spot. 


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