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A few of my running clients forwarded me a link to Nike’s new ‘Foot Stickers’



‘Foot Stickers’: The Most Minimal Sneakers Around

These are supposed to be Nike’s answer to the barefoot running community.

Having said that, these are on the market in some way, shape or form already. A creative natural running enthusiast figured out a way to make a mold that adheres to various points of the sole of the feet. Whether Nike bought the rights or has simply created their own design, I have no idea.

What I DO believe is that this represents another feeble attempt to financially benefit from the “less is more” running movement.

The information tag line on the above link mentions the “risk of injuring yourself by running barefoot – twisting an ankle or worse”. This is after mentioning that running barefoot puts you in better sensory contact with Mother Earth etc. – a direct contradiction to the injury risk comment.



Maybe I’m a tad dimwitted but, from my perspective, anytime you can improve sensory feedback, muscle activation and balance through the feet whilst running, the risk of avoidable injuries is virtually eliminated!!

I’m not certain how wearing so-called “stickers” on the impact points of the feet is supposed to mimic running barefoot. I AM certain that running barefoot actually mimics running barefoot! There is NO other way…except possibly using Barefoot Science inserts in your footwear to proprioceptively activate the body from the feet up. Having said that, the direct feedback from the ground to the feet is instant and total – this is NOWHERE to hide.

Come on now, Nike, you can do better than bringing out a scam like ‘foot stickers’ to improve the bottom line whilst believing this is one more answer to running barefoot!!

Coach Jeff


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