#TeamOverTheTop Teens Race Well – #Barefoot Training Pays Off:

Sunday, November 3 marked the end of 2 months of SOLID racing by my TOTT teens in a variety of races throughout Ontario. The coach could not be more proud of them – the performances were nothing short of amazing, all things considered. Here is the list of results:

  • Jill Amirault (age 15) – 23 rd in the ROPPSA junior girls’ 5 km cross country finals at Heart Lake, Brampton (this without any training for the race). Jill followed this up with her 2013 goal race – the Road to Hope (Hamilton) full marathon on Nov. 3 – her 1st (but not last marathon), finishing in 4:32 and winning her age group (girls’ U19) whilst tying for the youngest racer ever in the field – this after only 10 weeks of training on the coach’s elite, fast track stacking plan
  • Paige Belo (age 16) – 3rd in the ROPPSA senior girls’ (her 1st year as a senior) 5 km cross country finals. She followed this up finishing 95th out of 290 in the OFSSA finals in Sudbury over a brutally difficult course against some of this country’s best girls. She still finished in the top 33% and was the 2nd finisher from ROPPSA
  • Miles Emerson (age 13) – 6th in City of Toronto west sectionals in the elementary boys’ 3 km cross country race, 13th in the west regionals and 33rd out of 88 in the City of Toronto finals. Miles had never made it to the individual City finals since 1st competing in cross country running from Grade 4
  • Megan Keenan (age 15) – 35th in the ROPPSA junior girls’ (her 1st year as a junior) 5 km cross country finals in her fastest time ever. Meg is getting stronger with every training session
  • Paige Keenan (age 18 and Megan’s sister) – 200th out of 305 in the ROPPSA senior girls’ 5 km cross country finals. She finished 30 seconds faster than in the 2012 ROPPSA finals. Paige has improved in leaps and bounds since 1st joining my TOTT gang this fall
  • Patrick Van Hoogven (age 14) – with an 18:00 best for 5 kms. He has done the 15 km relay section of Around The Bay (the hilly 2nd half), the 15 km Bread & Honey Streetsville race (twice) and the Mississauga 1/2 marathon –

The kids have performed amazingly well. They are all well-rounded – good in school, good in the community, good in a number of sports and activities, good in the family. Within the Team Over The Top family, they meld in perfectly with my adult team members. They restore my faith in our youth becoming leaders into the next 3 to 5 decades. Here’s to continued commitment to hard work and goal-achieving extraordinaire!


coach Jeff



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