#Coffins (Running Shoes) versus #Barefoot Running + #Barefoot-Science Part 3

coffinsMy final installment of coffins (running shoes) versus barefoot running + barefoot science inserts goes as follows:

  • with every millimetre of material that you place between the soles of your feet and Mother Earth, you further DEADEN sensory feedback essential to proper muscle sequence firing, balance and reaction time
  • running barefoot and/or with barefoot science inserts as part of your footwear, you instantly receive sensory and proprioceptive feedback through the soles of your feet up the entire length of your musculature. This results in proper running muscle firing, better balance and faster reaction time to whatever appears in your path
  • even in track or cross-country running spikes (‘mini coffins’!), the sensory feedback is eliminated from the process. This can result in an inability to prevent ankle-twisting, Achilles Tendon straining, fascia tearing and so on over track and trail surfaces
  • running track and cross country barefoot or with barefoot science inserts in the spikes provides INSTANT proprioceptive feedback, a natural ‘righting’ reflex response as the feet hit uneven terrain or a tartan track surface and a more powerful drive phase  that activates much faster
  • as to the coffins being “so comfortable, cushioned, supportive”, the majority of ‘runners’ believe the marketing pitches of the giant shoe companies. “I love the cushion and support”. “The stiff camber holds me in place”. And so on…
  • running barefoot or with the barefoot science inserts FORCES your body to do what it is supposed to do – BRACE against the natural downward pull of gravity. Heaven forbid that we would actually have to THINK and WORK hard whilst running. Why do you think God gave us muscles, tendons and ligaments set out in a specific pattern? Lo and behold – to protect us from avoidable skeletal injuries by activating all core and running muscles whilst active – BAREFOOT is the only way to get the proper feedback for activation versus gravity…and you do NOT have to worry about ‘proper cushioning’


Once again, I challenge the coffin (running shoe) supporters to prove me wrong. Thus far, no one has…!

Coach Jeff


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