#Coffins (Running Shoes) versus #Barefoot #Running and #Barefoot Science System – Part 2:

As a follow-up to last week’s blog, I absolutely MUST outline the key differences between running in coffins (shoes) versus running barefoot or, if you MUST wear shoes, with the Barefoot Science system inside your footwear. The coach is still worked up from his cottage ‘holiday’ running injury encounters with family and friends. This was only exacerbated upon returning to Port Credit by MORE coffin-related running injuries from elite athletes in non-running sports who use running as a ‘training technique’. What the heck good is it doing if you and/or your athletes are getting INJURED?? Great question with an easy answer – learn how the heck to run TIGHT, LIGHT, COMPACT, FORWARD, QUIET with NO compromise. The positive results will follow. It is as obvious as the nose on my face that:

  • any type of ‘coffin’ deadens the immediate sensory feedback of ground contact to the feet, thus eliminating the ability of the body to react positively to impact
  • running barefoot or using the Barefoot Science graded pad stimulus system gives you instant sensory feedback in the form of proprioceptive firing from the arch of the feet through the running ‘cannons’ (hamstrings and gluteals)
  • any type of ‘coffin’ braces your feet, thus eliminating your ability to land naturally and responsibly foot-fall after foot-fall and increasing the likelihood of avoidable running injuries by virtually 100%. In other words, it is not WILL you become injured but WHEN
  • running barefoot or with the Barefoot Science system allows your feet to land naturally as God intended. You instantly adapt to the terrain in a manner that protects you from landing awkwardly, keeps you centered, squared up and balanced
  • any type of ‘coffin’ is sold to you as a way to “cushion”, “protect”, “eliminate pronation, supination, machination” – all the while making you lazy, encouraging you to drop to the ground with gravity and deadening the very area that you NEED to activate – your FEET
  • running barefoot or with the Barefoot Science system activates all components of your feet CONSTANTLY, strengthens the arches of your feet for better balance, stimulates fatigue tolerance in your whole body musculature – resulting in NO avoidable running injuries

I will expand on this in my next blog. Suffice it to say, if you still believe the ‘coffin’ (running shoe) company sales and marketing teams (or, as I call them, ‘snake oil’ sales people) re: the NEED to wear ‘stuff’ on your feet whilst running (without the Barefoot Science system inside), then God help you!

coach Jeff


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