#Coffins (#Running #Shoes) versus #Barefoot #Running and #Barefoot Science:

Having just returned from another week in ‘paradise’ (aka Inverhuron Beach on the shores of Lake Huron), I reflected on the experience and came up with the following blog. The title is self-explanatory. I will expand on it by filling in the details.

Whilst barefoot running every morning on all types of surfaces (gravel, stone, dirt trail, asphalt, deep, soft beach sand) with a variety of cottages running ‘buddies’, it became obvious to me that something was terribly amiss. Every one of them complained of some type of running ‘injury’ (sore knee, sore Achilles Tendon, sore hip, sore feet etc.). Every one of them were running in some form of ‘coffin’ (heavy-heeled, thick-soled running shoe) – without exception.

Of course, they could not believe that I was able to run barefoot on the aforementioned surfaces at a mid-4 minute per kilometre pace for 11 to 18 kms without flinching and injury…at age 60! That led to coach Jeff’s week-long personalized training sessions on how to run safely, quietly, powerfully and injury-free…BAREFOOT doing my Squat-Scoot technique. Without exception, they could not believe the difference. Knee pain? gone, Achilles pain? gone, hip pain? gone. Coincidence? most assuredly not! They were moving tighter, lighter, more compact and forward for the 1st time in their running lives.

As per usual, NONE of them said they would run barefoot (as per coach Jeff) everyday, everywhere once I left them alone. They did say they would do the off-road barefoot drills and run barefoot from time to time to reinforce the Squat-Scoot. Due to this, I introduced all of them to the Barefoot Science progressive foot strengthening system – the single greatest invention of the last 25 years in the foot activation field! Once I put the systems into the shoes of my 6 cottage colleagues, they were instantly transformed into balanced, proprioceptive, foot-activated machines. Alignment was square and balanced, overall body strength increased dramatically and their pain from various avoidable running injuries disappeared. If I had not witnessed the transformations personally, I would not have believed them. As I departed (sadly) the cottage, all of my ‘transformed’ colleagues were thanking me and promising to practice barefoot running AND wear the Barefoot Science insert system in ALL of their footwear. The coach drove home on cloud nine…OK – it was really Highway 9! :-))

The running shoe companies MUST stop destroying the well-being of humans who wish to be ‘running-walking’ active. My personal ‘research’ is overwhelming…running barefoot and using barefoot science systems in your shoes are the only ways to ensure strong feet, healthy bodies and avoidable running-related injuries. Those who have profited (and CONTINUE to profit) from selling a scam called “running shoes” should be ashamed of themselves!! If you take offense to that, prove to me otherwise.

coach Jeff


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