Explosive Power Circuit Part 2 to Improve #Barefoot #Running


In this blog, I will outline the 2nd of 3 explosive power circuits (performed barefoot) that my runners do to improve fatigue tolerance and total body bracing for safer, more efficient barefoot running.

Equipment Suggested:

  • a range of free weight dumbbells (5 to 20 lb pairs)
  • a bosu ball
  • a stability ball

Each exercise in the circuit should be done for 30 seconds consecutively with no rest. Progress gradually to 60 seconds 1 to 2 times per week (alternate weekly with Explosive Power circuit Part 1 from my previous blog). Add 1 circuit per week until you can do 3 full circuits. Maintain but look to improve technique and pace over a number of weeks.

Stability ball toes

  • Running Forward Lunge – hold 2 dumbbells against your chest
  • 1-legged squat jumps with overhead lateral raise using dumbbells
  • Toes on stability ball – push off push-ups
  • Running strides whilst driving arms through the running action – carrying dumbbells and using the rounded side of the Bosu Ball

This is a step up in degree of difficulty from Part 1 – thus, progress slowly, making sure you are locked in technically. After a few months, you will be amazed at the improvement in strength and fatigue tolerance from feet to shoulders!

Coach Jeff

For personal one-on-one or group training sessions or customized training and transitioning plans for barefoot or minimalist runners contact Coach Jeff at coach@naturalrunning.ca


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