Improving Balance and Strength Endurance for #Barefoot #Running

To improve balance and overall strength endurance in my Team Over The Top runners, I have developed a series of circuits that incorporate the following equipment:

  • Bosu Ball
  • Stability Ball
  • Dumbbells (5, 10 or 15 pounders)
  • Exercise mats

Each exercise is done for up to 60 seconds consecutively with virtually no rest. This builds fatigue tolerance – so critically important for #barefoot #runners to avoid dropping the feet too hard onto the running surface. Injury prevention is the main benefit along with a more efficient running technique in the #squat-scoot manner. The balance work incorporated into the circuit keeps my runners centered over their feet, lighter and more compact – all important for safe, efficient barefoot running.


A sample circuit that you can incorporate into your weekly training is as follows:

  • 1-legged overhead lateral raises (on the flat part of the Bosu Ball) with dumbbells
  • 1-legged hamstring curls (on the Stability Ball and mat)
  • 2-legged LOW squat flyes (on the flat part of the Bosu Ball) with dumbbells
  • 1-legged supine bridge on Stability Ball)
  • 1-legged bent over pull-ups (on rounded part of Bosu Ball) with dumbbells
  • supine hip extensions (holding Stability Ball straight up over the chest) on mat
  • 1-legged forward 3 angled raise (on flat part of the Bosu Ball) with dumbbells

After 6 to 8 weeks, my runners have improved dramatically in their ability to run barefoot faster, safer and farther than ever before.

Join the club!!

Coach Jeff

For personal one-on-one or group training sessions or customized training and transitioning plans for barefoot or minimalist runners contact Coach Jeff at


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