#SumoSquat Circuit Part 2 to Support #Barefoot #Running


As a continuation of my previous blog on the Sumo Squat and the Level 1 circuit that I do with my runners, I present my Level 2 circuit for you to incorporate into your transition or support of running barefoot.

The same instructions apply as with the Level 1 circuit.
The only difference is the degree of difficulty.

The circuit is as follows:

  • alternate leg lift – stationary
  • angled hop forward and backward to same start point
  • alternate leg lift forward lunge returning to start point
  • hopping forward 10 paces and backward 10 paces

barefoot road

These done 1 to 2 times per week will dramatically improve your ability to land lightly, hold your core tight, fire from the gluteals and improve running muscle fatigue tolerance. These are critical baseline components for safely and efficiently running barefoot.

Coach Jeff

For personal one-on-one and group training or customized training plans contact Coach Jeff at coach@naturalrunning.ca


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