Team Over The Top Youth Runners Dominate MADD Race!


Sunday, June 9 marked the 1st annual Mothers Against Drunk Driving Strides For Change 5 km walk/run race in beautiful Port Credit, Ontario, Canada. As the co-Race Director, coach Jeff set this as the clinic-ending goal race for his 9 to 18 year old Youth runners.

Training for 10 weeks, the kids were more than ready for the event. Most had worked up to at least 7 kms of strong, fast-paced running. They had combined this with hill & track workouts along with core, balance and power drills that would have humbled many older, more experienced runners. They also made great strides in learning coach Jeff’s Squat/Scoot technique of mid-foot running – without ANY injuries! Finally, they evolved in solid barefoot runners on cinder track, asphalt and concrete roads and grass infields.

Thus, by race day, 3 ran barefoot and the other 5 ran in a form of minimalist footwear. The barefooters had no problems over the varied terrain course – the only mishap was a small blood blister on the outside of Christopher’s foot.

Results were as follows:

  • Jack Terry (age 15) – 22:10 in Nike Frees
  • Christopher Carter (age 15) – 22:30 – BAREFOOT
  • Olivia (age 11) – 21:07 in New Balance Minimus 3rd female overall
  • Emma (age 11) – 23:13 in Vibram FiveFingers
  • Megan (age 18 and Emma’s sister who was kind enough to stay with Emma) – same time of 23:11 – BAREFOOT
  • Braden Olive (age 11) – 24:12 in Nike Frees
  • Ajay Adomeit (age 9 – youngest in the field!) – 25:25 – BAREFOOT
  • Jasmine Adomeit (age 14) – in 28:27 (her personal record!) in Nike Frees

The other 6 members of the clinic were unable to race BUT I know they would have raced well. At least 2 of them would have also raced BAREFOOT. For all the nay-sayers and so-called research scientists who say running barefoot does NOT decrease the risk of injury and does NOT lead to faster running than when shod, shame on you! The above results are just a small sample of the success of Team Over The Top-trained barefoot or minimalist runners – some as young as 9 and as old as 65.

Let the media and so-called ‘experts’ come out and observe coach Jeff and his runners in action. Then, pass judgment. Until then, stop making me sick to my stomach!!

coach Jeff


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