Bracing Drills to Protect Barefoot Runners – Part 2:


As a follow-up to one of my much earlier blogs, this is posted due to the consistent breakdown of my runners in the bracing component of the Squat/Scoot technique of barefoot-minimalist running. 

If you recall, one of the key parts of mastering the squat-scoot is bracing the whole core.

This allows you to stay low, tight, light and compact during the running action. It also allows you to run safer, faster and with more power. The following drills add to the previous repertoire in moving you closer to squat-scoot barefoot running perfection:

prone plank one arm forward

1. Prone plank with 1 arm forward lift and hold. Alternate arms every 30 secs. x 2 reps

2. Prone plank with 1 leg lift and hold. Alternate legs as above

3. Prone plank from hands with 1 arm lift as in #1 above

4. Prone plank from arms with 1 leg lift as in #2 above

5. 1 arm push-up with hand on bench. Hand positioned under mid chest. Lower & hold for 15 secs x 4 reps. Switch arms

6. tricep dips on bench. Start with fingers facing forward and knees bent. As dip (lower self toward floor), slowly crawl out till legs extended. Slowly crawl back x 3 reps

7. bridge with arms off floor & 1 leg extended. Hold for 30 secs. Repeat with other leg x 3 reps per leg.

Doing these 1 to 2 times per week will help lock in the bracing aspect as you fight to overcome the downward pull of gravity. You will land light consistently, thus virtually eliminating the risk of running injuries – barefoot will become your new ‘normal’!

coach Jeff

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