#Barefoot #Running Drills on Track and Grass Infield #InjuryFreeRunning


My Team Over The Top Port Credit (Canada) Youth Running group includes boys and girls from ages 9 to 15. I teach them my Squat-Scoot technique of mid-foot running, the cornerstones of which are:

  • Tight
  • Light
  • Compact
  • Forward

barefoot grass running

Part of the learning process includes barefoot running drills on a gravel/clay-based track with a natural grass infield located in our town of Port Credit, Canada. The kids do NOT have an option re: going barefoot on the track for the warm-up drills but I do allow them to run barefoot on the perimeter of the grass track, on the track itself or in their minimalist footwear on the track (NONE of them wear ‘coffins‘!). Most of them chose to go barefoot on the infield during our running segments.

Try some of the following drills if you seriously want to either go run barefoot or run lighter and safer in your running footwear:

1. barefoot on the track forward, quick-cadence jog for 10 metres x 4 reps

2. as above but backwards

3. as above but side to side shuffle

4. as above but side to side crossover shuffle

5. running on spot lifting knees high then flicking heels to butt for 30 secs x 3 reps

Infield Barefoot Drills:

1. 1 legged hopping forward – short, low hops with quick turnover – 10 metres x 4 reps per leg

2. repeat above backwards

3. forward running – 15 metres easy pace, 15 metres mid pace, 15 metres max pace x 6 reps

4. 1-legged stationary power squat jumps x 60 secs. Repeat on other leg

5. 1-legged 5-count Burpees x 60 secs. Repeat on the other leg

We do these once per week over a 10 to 12 week clinic. Each track session includes workouts like 400 metre drop-downs, ladder drills, 30:20:10 drills and so on. As mentioned above, all but 1 of the kids go barefoot on the grass infield track perimeter. Gradually, they will go barefoot on the rough track itself. That’s when they’ll be true barefooters, running injury-free with power!

coach Jeff 

Don’t forget to register for the MADD 5 km road race & breakfast on Sunday, June 9 at J.C. Saddington Park in Port Credit, Ontario, Canada.


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