Team Over The Toppers Dominate!

On Saturday and Sunday, May 4 and 5, 2013, my TOTT runers performed wonderfully in all Mississauga, Canada road races – from 5ks to the full marathon. All but one of the team achieved either a 1st ever result or a Personal Record. Note the following:

1. Megan Keenan age 14 completed the 5 km race in 23:15 – a PR by 2 minutes

2. Emma Leon age 11 completed the 10 km race in 51:13 – her 1st ever 10 km race – she cam e2nd in her age group and beat all of the relay teams from her school

3. Patrick Hogeveen age 13 completed the 1/2 Marathon (staying at his mother’s pace) in 2:08:31. He could have easily gone under 1:50 racing solo – maybe next time

4. Jill Amirault age 15 completed the 1/2 Marathon in 1:45:54 – her 1st ever 1/2 placing her 7/47 in the girls’ U19. She was 1st in the GU16

5. John Bouchard ran the 1/2 Marathon in 2:28:30 – not his best time ever but solid none-the-less

6. Nancy Waite ran the1/2 Marathon in 2:21:35 – a PR by over 5 minutes – this after overcoming a strained ankle incurred during a fall whilst training

7. Annette Carter ran the 1/2 Marathon in 1:57:22 – a PR by over 6 minutes. She was flying

8. Megan Leon age 18 (Emma’s older sister) completed the full marathon in 4:03:13 – her 1st ever. Her older sister, Rebecca, did the same marathon as a 17 yr. old with TOTT 3 years ago. Megan did the race in her Barefoot-Science inserts & Vibram FiveFingers with no issues. She would have been under 4 hrs if it weren’t for 2 washroom breaks (too bad but this can happen!)

Coach Jeff is most proud of his team. There were a few who dropped out due to missing too many training sessions – again, this happens in life. The great news is that all of my runners go barefoot or in minimalist footwear of some sort (even my youth clinic gang who are as young as age 9) WITHOUT INJURY!

The TOTT gang now gear up for:

* the Bread & Honey 5 or 15 km race on Sunday, June 2 in Streetsville, Canada

* the MADD 5 km race on Sunday, June 9 in Port Credit, Canada

* the Team Unbreakable 5 km race on Sunday, June 16 as above

* the Fun Play barefoot running session led by Barefoot KenBob Saxton from Huntington Beach, Ca and coach Jeff on Monday, July 1 from 4 to 5 p.m. at thr Runner’s Mark store in Port Credit, Canada

* the summer gym training sessions beginning on Thurs., July 4 in Port Credit

As you can read, there are busy months approaching for coach Jeff and his running ‘troops’!


coach Jeff


One thought on “Team Over The Toppers Dominate!

  1. Congrats Coach Jeff !! I’ve raised $300.00 so far for Madd. Have walked from here to Cawthra Centre, 45 minutes. Twice. Will continue training that way. June

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