Milestone Blog for Coach Jeff!!


This represents my 100th blog via Team Over The Top and Natural Running. As an ‘old’, computer-challenged, grey-haired dude, never in a million years did I thing 100 blogs would be posted. My web designer, John Buchanan, set me up to blog, tweet, facebook etc. a few years ago just after we launched my website. He convinced me that social media would generate conversation, controversy and potential business around my passion for running barefoot and coaching in th squat-scoot technique of mid-foot running. Correct on all counts…except maybe the generation of business for me and my company. That’s been a tad spotty at best. I get more business via my website than I do via my blogging – understandable in one sense due to the listing of my clinics, workshops and training seminars.

I have to admit being somewhat surprised by the reach of blogging – I have followers from around the world mainly, I believe, due to my focus on barefoot running. There are many barefoot runners BUT not many barefoot running coaches – especially in North American – who have Master’s Degrees in Exercise Physiology and Level III National Coaching certification. My insights into the transition to barefoot running from running in ‘coffins‘ (running shoes) and outlining of drills specific to the transitioning are the most popular blogs, with positive replies coming from far and wide.

Blogging has also provided me with an open forum to discuss the merits of my squat/scoot method of mid-foot running and the resultant safe, efficient, powerful running style adopted by my Team Over The Top runners of all ages. The on-line conversations have been lively and informative.

A few respondents have lamented the lack of barefoot running bloggers and tweeters who provide new, insightful material. I will not be disappearing any time soon. As a matter of fact, my 101st blog will be up by this Sunday night! It will be a promotional piece on the MADD 5 km road race & breakfast on Sunday, June 9 at J.C. Saddington Park in Port Credit, Ontarion, Canada

I now realize the importance of social media as it applies to increasing awareness of my TOTT business and furthering the cause 0f barefoot running as a safe, natural way to experience the long-lasting benefits of running. Here’s to the next 100!!

Coach Jeff


One thought on “Milestone Blog for Coach Jeff!!

  1. Congratulations on your reaching 100 posts! I am on level 2 of my Barefoot Science inserts. They feel great. Thanks Jeff.

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