T-Team and TOTT Explained!


As I venture into my spring clinics, it occurred to me that most of you have NO idea what my T-Team clinic is all about AND what the heck TOTT represents!

Let me start with the first:

1. T-Team stands for ‘Tight Team. It’s a take-off of Mr. T (we actually had T-shirts made up with his face on the front!) from the early 1980’s TV show (now coach Jeff is REALLY aging himself!). I developed a series of circuit training programmes based on my academic studies at the University of Western Ontario in Canada from 1976-79.

Back then virtually nobody was using circuit training as a physical fitness tool.

I first established the T-Team in Toronto, Canada in 1982 at a series of fitness clubs until 1989. I resurrected the programme in Mississauga (Port Credit), Canada in 2005. It has been operating in 10 week one session per week segments ever since. The focii are a fast-paced, 30 second per station x 12 stations circuit over 30 minutes. Rest time is minimal – the goal is 3 to 4 circuits in 30 minutes. Each session is totally different from the previous. The goals are improvement in aerobic recovery time, muscular strength and endurance, core stability, balance, agility and explosive power. Participants rave about the results and many come back session after session.

The next session starts on Friday, April 5.

Go to my website (naturalrunning.ca) and click on the CLINICS  link for details.

If interested, e-mail the coach at:  coach@naturalrunning.ca.

2. TOTT is short for my company name – Team Over The Top.

It was created in 2002 at Mississauga (Port Credit), Canada in response to requests from associates for me to get back into the physical fitness world. Having trained beginner to elite athletes since the 1970s, I knew what it took to get them to their very best. In trying to come up with a name for my company, I kept returning to my focus on getting my clients to the pinnacle of performance. I would use the term ‘over the top’ in explaining my coaching/training philosophy. Working mainly with ‘teams’ of people, the ‘team’ part of Team Over The Top fell into place. The rest, as they say, is history!

3. the benefits of using a coach to help with your training are numerous. The key is getting the RIGHT coach for you. This means someone who is not only qualified at a senior level BUT connects with you on a somewhat personal level. There has to be trust and understanding at every step of the process. Having the correct coach for you will result in:

* more focused and efficient training

* injury-free training and participation in your activity

* varied yet challenging, goal-oriented coaching that consistently takes you to a higher level of performance

* a more positive mental attitude toward all aspects of you rlife

* better mental acuity as it applies to work, family, society

4. what can you expect from a coach Jeff clinic and/or training session? All of the above plus:

* 37 years’ experience coaching and training athletes of all abilities in a variety of sports

* a unique ability to assess physical weaknesses that cause avoidable injuries and then introducing drills/exercises that correct the flaw or weakness

* a personality that adapts to the individual or group but always demands an ‘A’ effort

* a results- driven programme that balances out all components of physical fitness and mental confidence within a sports specific format

When you train with coach Jeff, you should expect the best from one of the best!

coach Jeff


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